What do you collect - consciously or unconsciously?I am a closet collector. I would never go to an arena where there are thousands gathered to show off and trade, sell and talk about there collections, but I do admire them. I collect buttons. Old ones. I love them. Sometimes I will use them, but mostly I reflect with them, and remember stuff from being a kid.
Haggis McBagpipe
Good topic. I am like you, I don't 'officially' collect anything (except books) but I have a penchance for anything boomerish, anything retro 50s or 60s. Right now I'm trying to find a dining room table and chairs, the old arborite (I think it was called?) ones, the ones with the big chrome legs and a chrome rim around it then the arborite (no, that isn't the name... is it formica?) top. From the 50s, you know the kind I mean. I want one. Badly.

I even bought a wringer washer awhile back, with full intentions of using it. Well, I DID use it, loved it, then it packed it in after two loads. Just try and find parts for those things. It is gone now.

So, that would be my closest thing to a collection, I think. Just retro boomer kitsch items like that.

Oh, and those little tiny birds with wire feet that you get at the craft store and stick onto the Christmas tree. I have an awful lots of those things, and cannot say no to them, so perhaps that, too, would be a collection.
Books, books and more books.
Diamond Sun
Haggis: Formica and Arborite are both manufacturers of laminate or melamine papers that are pressed under high presure and heat onto some kind of core (particleboard, plywood etc). Trust me, I know.

As for collections: I used to collect those crazy troll dolls with the stick up hair. I still have them all, but they are hard to find now. I also collect the old Nancy Drew books (with the yellow hard cover. I have some that belonged to my mom). I also collected dolls from around the world (when I was a little girl my grandma used to bring them to me.). Now, I collect bookmarks. I have about 120 or so of them, again, from all over the place. I stopped a while back, and really need somewhere to display them. Right now they are in a plastic bag in a closet somewhere.
That sounds like our bedroom suite. We never had a bedroom 'suite' before, until my niece moved into her new home and had to get rid of the ugly thing. It is one of those blond oak thingees, with built in side tables, a huge dresser and mirror. we love it! she hated was old and mid-50's. what can ya say, beauty lies in the eyes. Why do we want that kinda stuff? I think we remember a slower paced time and reflect on that (at least I do). Can't speak for others.
I once craved up a dining room table to hold my collection of beach items. The table was glass, boring really, it would have been more pleasing if it had been hand blown. I outfitted the table top with a 6 inch false bottom. So that when I sat at the table I could look down through the glass and see my beach collectables. sand from Parksville littered the bottom, the odd little dead orange crab peeking out from behind a rock. Some nicely tossed seaweed. And shells lots of shells, from all the places to mentioned haggis. I had a few starfish that sadly I captured at low tide and dropped them into bleach. Please don't tell the sierra club! I even had a large rusty nail that I am sure came off the ship captain cook was on when he sailed by here. Martha would have approved of my Dining room table, it was a good thing! However my brother came by for a visit once, my brother is a boy!! and a collector of things himself. He thought my beach scene needed a little clump of plastic bananas, very tiny I wondered what they ment and where did he get them! I think they were for the BIG BLACK TARANTULA he dropped on my beach. No poison or so he later said. That was the end of beach table. In my haste to make waste of the BIG BLACK TARANTULA with thought of only my own survival, I smashed my tidepool with the wooden pepper grinder.

Collecting can be dangerous! Sorry folks this is a true story! And yes I do have a strange family.
Haggis McBagpipe
Most of the stuff we own is old like that. Most of it comes from family, passed down, some very old stuff. Our bedroom suite was the one my grandparents gave to my parents when they got married (30s). There's a china cabinet that belonged to my grandparents as well, and an oval glass and wood table.

Of particular importance to me is a little square table, very intricate design. It belonged to my grandparents and when my dad was just a boy he hated that little table because it was his job to polish all those complex little details. When he was old, he loved the table, for it brought back those days for him. Now I love it because it makes me think of him.

We also have a writing table that belonged to my husband's grandparents, and a stool, and so on. Most important of all is the horseshoe that hangs over our door for good luck, it has hung over the family door since back to my great-grandfather's time (he was the blacksmith). My daughter will be carrying it down the aisle on her wedding day, instead of a bouquet. There's powerful good luck in that horseshoe.

I like our old stuff for three reasons, a) it has always been there in whatever home I've lived, and so home feels like home with the furniture there in place, b) I don't like the way most furniture is made now, and c) I am an old sentimental boomer fool, da worst kine fool they be.

I also collect the old Nancy Drew books (with the yellow hard cover. I have some that belonged to my mom).

Diamond - I use to love those books. I remember summers sitting reading Nancy Drew. God, wasn't she great? She never got into any situation she couldn't get out of! She always wore the same type of clothing, sensible shoes, the whole works. I sometimes see those books, I think I'll have to go and pick them up next time. The new ones (I think they brought Nancy Drew back with a little botox) just aren't the same. Different paper, different covers.

Just retro boomer kitsch items like that.

Hag - I love kitsch stuff. Have tons, or use to!! Can't tell any more. Brings back a fond memory of one of my first pieces. Think wedding. Opening gifts from in-laws friends at the in-laws house. Large package arrives. Oooh, I love opening presents. Rip it open and there staring out at me, with the generous givers just inches away.....was a plastic coo coo clock. I almost gagged, but I didn't know why. It was even wrapped in plastic. Great piece. Wish I had it now. Oh well, such is life.
Haggis McBagpipe
I liked Nancy Drew, but Trixie Belden was my hero, I loved that series, as did my daughter. Trixie and Honey and Diane.

I would kill for an original Dick and Jane book. I found one once, but alas, gave it to a friend who was opening a Schoolhouse restaurant. It did fit nicely, but I sure would like to have another Dick and Jane book.

Anybody else grow up with Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot? Oh, and Fluffy and Mother and Father?

I would kill for an original Dick and Jane book

Ditto! I did see one the other week in Value Village, but it was being handled by a very astute woman. No chance for rolling her.

I use to see them all the time, must put my working eyes in again and scout them out.

Pea is good for that, she does the garage sale thing. Okay Pea - you have your list now!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

was a plastic coo coo clock. I almost gagged, but I didn't know why. It was even wrapped in plastic. Great piece. Wish I had it now. Oh well, such is life.

A plastic coo-coo clock!! I have a black plastic KitCat clock, the kind where the tail and eyeballs move back and forth with each tick. Never mind that the ticker doesn't work and the eyeballs are wall-eyed, I love him and he loves me.

Poor you, not having that coo-coo clock. I, too, have got rid of stuff that I now regret. The best? Most kitschiest? Oh, it was a masterpiece, Galianomama, it was a wooden boat that was both fishing boat AND sailboat, and it had a clock in it AND it was a lamp. It was the Holiest of All Kitsch Lamp/Clock/Ornaments. I loved it, then got out of kitsch for awhile and got rid of it. I really hate myself for it, too.

PS Good luck on the Dick and Jane hunt. Ya shoulda oughta tried to roll that dame for the book.
Tom Swift-- I used to own them all.

My sister was a Nancy Drew fan.

In montreal, we had a french comic book/serial book series call 'Tin Tin'.

Great stuff.
Haggis galaniomama has the coo coo part just not the clock
You are from Scottish descent! my grandfather and his descents were also blacksmiths. I wish I had something hanging over my door that he made.
Funny thing about dick and jane and the gang, anybody I know that hung out with them learned how to read.
I did not read Nancy drew, I was her! I watched my neigbourhood with a morse eye. I knew what was happening behind all those ranchers and well manicured lawns, with the nicely placed shruberry. It was way more exciting than mighty mouse. After reading a couple of sherlock homes books, my sluething turned sinister...everybody in the neighbourhood was that james moriarty-a mathematical genius-with a flair for crime. I dreamed of saving the heir to the mythical kingdom of Ravenia .

Now I would just love to be one of those private dectective that spies on wandering spouses.
Tin Tin!!!

Yup, we have those mag's out here too. Use to sell them in a children's book store. Did he have a dog that went everywhere with him?

What's the other one, like Tin Tin. The Latin one. Astrix???
I should call my bro and ask. He still loves them. Help - now the work will never get done!

it was a wooden boat that was both fishing boat AND sailboat, and it had a clock in it AND it was a lamp.

Pea found a wonderful piece the other weekend. (and i should have rolled her for it!). You know the one - the wooden wagon, with the cover. but the best part of it - and there were several great parts to it - was the fact that it had intricately made and to scale pieces on it. the barrels, axe, teeny tiny ropes, teeny tiny buckets hanging from the side. lovely. when you touched the 'hitch' on the front, the lamp inside went on or off. dammit. talking about it, i will have to ask pea if she managed to keep it.

how about happy feet? my ex has a wonderful happy foot with a face on it. about 18" high.

mr. peanut? who can forget him? he was wonderful. you could get all sorts of mr. peanut stuff too............

too much, must go and work.
He sure did! I loved tin tin!
Are you nuts!!! I dare you to come over here and find that chuck wagon lamp!!! it might be next to my black velvet painting of a matador! Early K-mart is not my style..its martha martha martha...that is my mantra. That shameful lamp was for someone else that collects them. We all have our faux pas we have to bear. If I had known you were attracted to such faux pas I would have given you the little chuck wagon lamp..complete with 2 cans of dinty moore...
Velvet Elvis for sale here.

I'll even throw in the print of the poker playinh dogs and a barely used set of truck mudflaps-- you know, the ones with naked woman profile in shiny silver.

VERY Classy for the man in your life...
bibicial carpets on the wall are a favorite of mine. Right next to the bowl of plastic fruit.
Haggis McBagpipe
Bowls of plastic fruit! Stop it, you guys, I'm killing myself here!

Hey! Can we say...


And plastic Jesus's.

I don't care if it rains or freezes
'Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Sittin' on the dashboard of my car

I don't care if the road gets hairy
'Long as I got my Virgin Mary
Hangin' from the mirror of my car

I don't care 'bout the noxious weeds
'Long as I got my rosary beads
Hangin' from the mirror of my car

I don't know who wrote those words, but I still laugh about 'em. So much so that my daughter gave me a plastic Jesus for my dashboard. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) my dashboard won't hold him.

..complete with 2 cans of dinty moore...

i don't remember seeing the dinty moore cans on the chuck bitch.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

i don't remember seeing the dinty moore cans on the chuck bitch.

Aaaaaack!! STOP IT! You're killing me here.
Well I can see hoe that you are not up on your dinty more critter commericals. To bad your loss. I will have you know my friends sells those chuckwagon on e-bay, can't keep the stuff stocked. Maybe he should glue some fake fur on them, add to the value.

I will let the your nasty name calling slide...because I have haiku to protect me from your slings and arrows hoe.

an empty carpark

floodlit from all four corners

unnecessary moon
Im a busch beans guy myself
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by researchok

Im a busch beans guy myself

How can we forget SPAM, though? Save Ferris sure didn't:

It's pink and it's oval
I buy it at the Mobil
It's made in Chernobyl

There are people here who BBQ spam.

Haggis McBagpipe
Ack! Barbequed spam! I will have nightmares.

Im a busch beans guy myself

Since when did politics enter this conversation?
galaniomama I just sent Sir haggis a picture of your little garden..sent you one to
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