Uncomfortable situations

Diamond Sun
What situations make you most uncomfortable? Public speaking? Office meetings? Social outings? Meeting new people? Holding a baby?

I get most uncomfortable in any situation where people expect me to be social. I am by nature not a very social person. I have never been, and I doubt at this point that I am going to change. I don't like feeling like I must make conversation to be accepted, and I don't like feeling like I must behave in a certain way.

I like my one on one's. A date with the love of my life, martinis with a good friend, movie with my brother, dancing in the street with my other brother. One on ones are where I am most comfortable.
American Voice
As a default functionary, I found myself spontaneously "hosting" my mother's funeral. It's what she wanted. I rose to the occasion.

When my Dad dies, as he inevitably will, and probably sometime next year, I think I will probably stay away from the funeral home. I don't know. You've got to do what feels right for you, DS.
Haggis McBagpipe
Let's see, going up to higher levels in an elevator, but only if I'm alone, go figure. With people, even one other person, I am fine. Actually, I find myself a bit odd on that one.

I am comfortable around people, although I prefer not to be around them much. Public speaking, no big deal, making an 'entrance', no big deal. Wait, though, I am very uncomfortable sitting too close between two people, even two people I care about. I get kind of claustrophobic, so I have to be on the end of the sofa, never the middle.

I don't know why I'm sitting here posting, we're watching a movie, and sooner or later I know I'm going to get my dumb butt caught!
Reverend Blair
Public speaking would be my biggest fear. I had trouble with that at my wedding, although everybody said I did great (they had to...it was my wedding) and I had to perform a wedding for a friend once...that was just brutal. Again everybody said I did well, but I was the preacher so they had to.

Second biggest would be getting recognised by stranger. I went to a concert a while back and some earnest girl recognised me from the picture beside my column and thought I was famous. It scared the living crap out of me...I'm not famous, I don't wanna be famous, and having my picture up someplace doesn't make me famous. What the hell do people who really are famous go through?
Diamond sun there is not a darn thing wrong with you.

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