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No, I think it just makes us feel good, and happiness is an indicator of something.

Yes, it makes us feel good, and this is a good thing. I am curious as to whether you think it matters in the end, though. Do you think your accomplishments now will make you feel good as you gasp your last?

Why does it make us feel good? When I do a good thing there can be no denying the good-feeling rush I get from having done it, but I can turn around and do something totally selfish and get a pretty good rush then, too.
American Voice
One thing is certain, there will be no retrospection when we are dead. Why are you preoccupied with your final thoughts? You won't remember them.
You don't know whether you remember those, because you don't know what happens after death. Could be that the first thing that happens is that your life flashes before, with those last words as a closure.

Or am I being just too blonde here? Is this a weird thought?
American Voice
There's no such thing as being too blonde, that would be like me saying my eyes are too blue.

What happens when we die? We rot.

A number of years ago, I pursued an extensive personal genealogy project. In detail, with documentation, I identified all of my direct ancestors going back five generations, across the board. Some lines, I got back even farther. All of those ancestors live in me.
AV, that reminds of a favorite quote of mine: ""We have no claim in the share of the glory of our ancestors unless we strive to resemble them." --Jean Baptiste Molière.

A more contemporary translation is, "The less we are like our ancestors, the less we deserve them."
American Voice
In embracing them, we find ourselves? To own oneself, to be oneself; self-possession precedes all giving.
LOL, well said!

Of course, that doesn't negate Moliere....
American Voice
It wasn't my intention to negate Moliere; I meant to expand upon him. The universality of reverence for ancestors speaks for itself.

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