Help reduce your chances of prostate cancer, just masturbate

Well I was looking at ****edcompany and well stumbled upon an article of theirs and well said oh well take a look. Anywho there was a study prooving that masturbating or having sex ofter in people in their 20s to 50s saw a lower chance of prostate cancer.

I found it kinda amusing the article and if anyone wants to read it here's the url (external - login to view)

Hey I guess it gives guys a reason to masturbate now heh it helps saves lives! Don't forget to take asprin as well to prevent heartattacks
No-one ever said there was no pleasure in saving lives! Including your own!

Don't be absurd, masturbation is a very healthy thing (especially when your boy/girl[friend] isnt around). Anyone who says different is just ugh.
OMG Andem is somewhat back....... How did I know you'd be the first to respond to that

Masturbation saves the nation! Now you got a real good reason to do it. Exercise everyday and masturbate to live longer

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