Québec's premier is an embarassment to _our_ country.

Quebec premier refuses flag pin

Canadian Press

Friday, April 04, 2003

MONTREAL -- An enthusiastic federal government employee bearing lapel pins of the Maple Leaf created a few moments of awkwardness for Premier Bernard Landry on the campaign trail Friday.

The persistent pin pusher would not take No for an answer after Landry politely refused her offering while he toured a food and wine show in downtown Montreal. The Parti Quebecois premier has been trying to woo federalist voters throughout the campaign leading to the April 14 election. But he was caught off guard when a woman working at the Agriculture Canada booth insisted he take the pin even after his efforts to decline.

"It's a gift," said the woman.

Landry finally accepted.

"I'll put it in my collection," he joked. "I have some from several countries and that will make one more."

However, Landry stopped short of following the woman's suggestion to put the pin on his jacket.
Seriously though. How can we allow these people in to run any part of our country? There should be laws against this.. The Canadian Alliance would probably put an end to this, thats one good thing about them.
Canadian Alliance bah they'd separate Alberta from Canada and f*ck us over with the oil.

Why shouldn't Landry be able to believe what he wants. Its the darn Federal Liberals who are at fault for what they've done to Quebec.

They don't even want to support Jean Charest! Its sad.

Although I would like to see the Quebec Liberals win but I would like to see a lessening in the French here. We can bring back the once big companies that were in Montreal from Toronto. Remember Toronto is new Montreal was the headquarters for the majority of the businesses that are now over there in Toronto.

Its not a big thing with the Canadian flag incident atleast he didn't throw it in the garbage can while on camera hehe, that woulda been a campaign killer.

Remember we're Canadians we like true freedom of speech and what he does with the pin shouldn't make a difference, unlike in the Us where burning the flag would be a criminal act.

No PQ in power would be a strange feeling :\

Why shouldn't Landry be able to believe what he wants. Its the darn Federal Liberals who are at fault for what they've done to Quebec.

Sure he can think what he wants, but if that's the true voice of the people of quebec, they should be ashamed at putting our great country down like that. I too believe that they have a right to protect their culture, but they are also a part of Canada and to not realize that and frown on that fact is cowardly.
Well the PQ can have their poutine that stuff is disgusting.... As long as the montreal style bagels aren't affected I'm happy hehe

Quebec wanted to be declared as a distinct society, and Quebec used to have strong federal ties. Quebec was the one who blocked the Meech Lake accord (I got some meech lake water too)

The sad fact is the Federal Liberals already doesn't acknowledge Quebec. We could get rid of Landry and get Jean Charest but ties to the rest of Canada won't be there. I've read an older article that the Fed Liberals don't have ties to Jean Charest and Chretien made a joke once about it.

I guess it won't be lovey dovey either way in the end...

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