Dog attacks - are some of the punishments to harsh for owner

Recently in the courts in the US there has been trials on dogs killing people. One woman was convicted of second degree murder for her dogs attacking and killing a woman. Are the courts being to harsh with second degree murder. And what should be done with pet owners who let there animals run free to attack people and other animals.
I think that dog owners SHOULD be held responsible for anything and everything their dog does. They train the dogs, they teach them obidience and patience. So why not when one flips out should they not be held responsible?

Young children die from Dog attacks often all over the world. People should be weary of their dogs and make every effort to keep an agitated, sick, or dangerous dog away from people. ESPECIALLY while walking it, that is when the majority of children will ask the person if they can pet the dog. I know its hard to say no to a child asking to pet the cute puppy, but if the owner is certain the dog is sick, aggitated or vicious, they should cross the road and keep it away.

People have nervous breakdowns all the time, dogs do too, especially trained guard dogs, they wig out the most. RCMP have to keep putting their dogs thru constant re-training to keep them in top shape and even in some cases have had the dogs councelled. I have no idea how you would councel a dog, but hey whatever, our tax dollars hard at work

If my dog attacked someone, I would take full responsibility for it, just like if I was in my car and I hit someone, I would be held resposible for that. Its essentially the same thing. You are in the car, you should be in control. You are walking your dog, you should have full control over your dog at all times.

If your dog escapes from your yard and attacks someone, well then that is the owners fault for not having the dog properly leashed, no proper fencing, no fence locks, whatever it may be. As well if a child goes into the yard and is attacked by the dog, there should be warning signs, as they will keep the majority of kids out of your yard.

So in short, if you hit someone with your car, its your fault, if your dog kills, or attacks someone, sure you should be punished and your dog should be put down. I dont know how far the punishment on the dogs owner should go, but I believe Canine (<- haha) manslaughter would be the most I would go for. (They have vehicular manslaughter why not Canine manslaughter).

I dont agree with the woman in your post getting second degree murder charges against her, possibly criminal negligance or as I fore-mentioned canine manslaughter (lol makes me laugh every time). Second degree seems way too harsh. Oh yeah tack on a $2000 fine as well.

There's my 2 cents (and a few nickles too)
Wonder what they'd charge you with if your cat gave someone an infection from a scratch? Remember you are talking about the US here..
if dogs should ever be allowed to attack anything I would have tot vote for it being cats.
I agree about the woman being tried for what he animals did.I agree with the fact that her and her husband owned. Feed , trained, and generally took care of them. They were every bit the cause of the attack as the animals where. One might wonder if they let the dogs out to run around on purpose. The apartment they lived in was on like the 3rd or 4th floor. Who lets a dog loose like that? Not someone very smart. So in ending. That woman got off lucky i feel... as her husband will get off lucky. Everyone has to pay for their mistakes. No matter the level of punishment. Or like the old saying i have learned. " What goes around .... Comes around. "
Or " If you play with fire ... Your gonna get burn't "
Job owners should definately be held responsable. You have responsabilities when you own a pet, and one of those include training it and making sure its safe around people... If not, dont bring it out in public places.
Soon if my cat scratches someone when they are visiting i'll go to jail!! lol

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