Debt Collection in Canada (scammers)

First off, I love how these debt collectors call numbers and are 100% you owned that number 3 years ago.. WTF??

Got a call today from 647-776-8788 a debt collection company in Toronto.

These guys buy debt for pennies on the dollar, then call you up trying the threaten and bully you..

1st Call told them, I'm not the person, 2nd call, told them wrong number.. 3rd call all in the same day started to have fun.

This is on their website: Financial Debt Recovery (external - login to view)

"Debt Buying and Funding. FDR is a purchaser of defaulted customer accounts of all variations. We partner with major credit grantors across the U.S. and Canada to bring value to questionable corporate portfolio assets. These include Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals, Loans, Auto Deficiency, and Credit Cards."

First off all if the debt is over 7 years old in Canada they have no recourse to collect.. they can't sue, or repo anything. It is also removed from your Credit Report.

Further, "these include Bankruptcy" if you file bankruptcy and are discharged, you do not owe a dam cent to past creditors. That's the whole idea of filing bankruptcy.

Keep track of the calls, do not delete messages, they can be used to sue the company for harassment and if enough people do this, they get shut down.

There are plenty of scammers in Canada..

OH YEAH!!! Most important, when they do call DO NOT ADMIT TO THE DEBT. You know nothing and can prove it.

Admitting to the debt in writing OR making payments of a debt resets the statute of limitations.

Statute of Limitations on Canadian Debts | Credit Collections (external - login to view)

Eh Debt Collectors!!

(worked as a debt collector for a spell and hated it..)

Oh yeah and today they provided information to me without verifying my identity.. mind you I had them pretty confused.


Once a debt collector leaves a voicemail message , it counts as "making contact" with you.

Once contact is made, a collection agency CANNOT contact you more than 3 times during a 7 day period without your consent.

Any thing past this, you have the legal right to SUE THEM. All collection agencies in Ontario CANNOT contact you between the hours of 9pm-7am.

Know your rights & SUE THEM if they cross the line. IF you do talk to an agent, BY LAW they must VERIFY your identity (via birthday, address, SIN, etc.) before discussing your debt .

If they fail to do this, then they are not following the law and CAN BE SUED for providing your debt information to an unverified individual.

They failed on this today.
Nick Danger
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...I love how these debt collectors call numbers and are 100% you owned that number 3 years ago.. WTF??

Isn't that the truth. Still, I expect theses guys must be used to getting lied to a lot. Twice I've been in their cross hairs, once for debts run up by someone with the same name as me but at some distance, okay honest mistake. The second time a creditor mistakenly gave the collector my contact information in connection with another business against whom they did have a legitimate claim. The collector in that case was an ignorant prick, literally yelling at me over the phone to "pay my bills!!" I invited him to fax me some paperwork to back up his claim and as soon as he did and the mistake become evident I lobbed the ball into the creditor's court asking him to call off his dogs. At the end of the day these guys are just doing their jobs, but there is some small satisfaction in knowing that they have a real shitty job.
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Isn't that the truth.

Well I just purchased a number 3 months ago and start getting stupid calls 2 weeks ago.. (external - login to view)

Great service, they quickly switch your number for you.. but it's still sorta a pain in the arse.
Funfact. Idiot companies buying up debt for pennies on the dollar have pretty much no legal ground to collect the full amount anyway.
We had one of those idiot stick companies calling here a few years back. They were getting pretty annoying so I decided to play their game back. They had a toll free number to call and you know, every time you call a toll-free number it costs them. So, I called them, got voice mail and told them I'd be calling every few minutes all day long and ratchet up their toll-free charges. Then I hung up, called back and let out a loud belch when their voice mail kicked in. I kept calling and calling them, always getting their voice mail and leaving nonsensical messages, weird noises etc. They never called back again.

The worst part was, we didn't and still don't owe sh*t to anyone.

Personally, I'm waiting for one of those tax scam phone calls. The ones from Rogers and Windows and the duct cleaners are getting boring. I need someone new to screw with.

Beware of new telephone scams (external - login to view)
I only get debt-collection calls from reputable international companies, like Sprint, who called me and said I owed them a little over $4000 for mobile-phone long distance charges. I said I did not have and never had an account with them, they said I might have been a victim of identity theft, but I still owed the money. I invited them to produce a contract with my signature on it.

Last I heard from them.
Had another one earlier today from a "duct cleaning service". The dude asked me how I was today, to which I replied, "I'm fantastic, thanks for calling and asking", and hung up.
Curious Cdn
Yeah, some creep from an organisation called the "CRA" keeps calling all day long at home and at work (Who the hell are those freaks, anyway?).
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Yeah, some creep from an organisation called the "CRA" keeps calling all day long at home and at work (Who the hell are those freaks, anyway?).

Aw man, you're getting scam CRA calls? Da fuq? Send some of them my way
I got a scam call once and yea i actually pissed the guy off.

Unleashed the johnnny lol
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I got a scam call once and yea i actually pissed the guy off.

Unleashed the johnnny lol

So how much did you send a cheque for LOL
When the guy phones and says that you owe Revenue Canada money and you can pay with music cards, tell him that you are glad he phoned you on your smart phone. Tell him that your phone is telling you that he is GAY. Tell him that your phone says that he has a short DICK. When he says that you are LYING, say to him, well you started lying.
Nick Danger
The gay-dar app?
I've received a few ligit calls, usually because I never got a bill, so I never paid it, it happens, but they know who they're calling. Likewise for the CRA, but anything from them usually comes in the mail. I've had recorded messages and voice mails left by folks claiming to be from the CRA, and they were really threatening. I was ready if I were ever contacted by a real person; First off don't divulge any personal info, they would have that already, and I would string them on from there. If they were ligit they would get you to confirm your SIN and DOB, but they would read it off to you first, again because they know who they're calling.

The duct cleaning outfits, I just tell them I have electric heat. The computer calls I have a little fun with but more recently I just tell them it's going to take a while for my old computer to boot up. They always say, "that's okay, I can wait", I say, "okay, just hang on then, it should just take a few minutes", leave the phone on the dining room table, and go do chores or go shopping. I often wonder how long they wait on the line.
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It's a bit of yesterday just as valid today (and saves a lot of keying):

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I suppose this is the best place - simply because I had fun....

Just a short while ago, as I was stepping back from FRED for a walk, the phone rang. At the other end, following my second "Hello?", came that voice - the East Indian-sounding "Microsoft security" guy. They don't give up easily do they?

While I spoke with him, I tapped a random key on the phone. In some sort of function-like rhythm, I tapped away at my keyboard - and hit "Enter". On Paint (I was plotting out some new trails on a topo) Enter is non-functional so it makes a neat beep. Third "Enter" I hit another phone key and held it for a second or two.

When he questioned the action - because I hadn't managed to connect - I told him he'd reached US Air Force security liaison and "...the satellites have now pin-pointed your location and a drone will soon be there. In the interests of human life and casualty prevention, I urge you to evacuate the premises..."

There was a gasp and the line went dead.

I bet nobody even took the time to Google "CFB Markstay-Warren"

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