Surrey Creep Catcher uses physical force in another sting

For the second time this month, Surrey Creep Catcher, a group that claims to expose people they allege are child sexual predators, was seen using force during one of its stings.

The controversial group posted a video to its Facebook page Monday after a confrontation at Surrey’s Central City Shopping Centre.

The group accused the man of arranging to meet a 13-year-old girl there.

The video showed Creep Catcher president Ryan LaForge and another member of the group pull the man through the mall by the jacket and then cornering him against a wall outside.

LaForge was spotted being questioned by Mounties after RCMP arrived.

“It is what it is,” LaForge told Global News on Monday night. “Elderly men coming to have sexual encounters with small children, we’re going to get them arrested, and when they want to flee we’re going to hold onto them and detain them under the Citizen’s Arrest Act.”

Earlier this month, LaForge was taken into custody after a sting at the same mall saw him shove a man who was the target of a Creep Catcher sting. The target was later charged with child luring.

Creep Catchers is a loose collection of organizations across Canada whose members claim to expose people they allege are child sexual predators by posing online as minors before meeting in person to film and berate their targets.

The group claims to have outed several people, including a Surrey RCMP officer and a Mission elementary school principal.

Law enforcement officials across Canada have repeatedly expressed concern about the groups, warning the public that confronting alleged child predators could put people in danger and compromise police investigations.

Surrey RCMP have yet to comment about Monday’s incident.

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My personal views (generally) if a guy 18 + that tries to screw a 13 year old, just beat the hell out of him.. sounds great.

However, that is a crime in Canada, also handcuffing an individual as part as a citizen arrest if you're not a police officer is basically kidnapping.

Is Surrey Creep Catchers crossing a line?
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