Meanwhile, in the chronically fretful, joy-sapping world of Everyday Feminism

where absolutely everything is politicised, and where politicised invariably means oppressive, Caleb Luna ponders the gay hook-up app Grindr, and why he – sorry, they - attracts so little interest (external - login to view):
As a fat person, I have rarely received any messages on Grindr, and people frequently don’t respond to my messages.
Conceivably, some users may be familiar with Mr Luna’s written output and its wearying effect. I’m guessing that declaring oneself a they, and a writer for Everyday Feminism, isn’t widely regarded as a potent aphrodisiac.
The only times I’ve been approached on Grindr have been by people who come to the app knowing they’re attracted to my body type. This gives me reason to believe that the same is true for other Grindr users. Most Grindr users have a predetermined body type they are attracted to – a thin one.
In much the same way that fat pornography remains a niche interest. A shocking revelation. Less shocking, however, is that the option of weight loss isn’t explored.
So, while Grindr is discussed as a place where anyone who might be considered a man can find men to have sex with, who are (mostly) looking to have sex with men, this isn’t how my experience has played out.
It’s a sad tale, yes, and about to get sadder.
And while there is certainly nothing stopping me from staying on Grindr, when I get no conversation or dates, it ultimately only takes up space on my phone.
You’ll find tissues at the bar.
That space is better used for pictures of people who actually do love and want me,
Wait for it.
like selfies.

There’s more, of course, on the “privilege” (by which Mr Luna means outrageous unfairness) of some people having more conventionally alluring anatomy and some mastery of their weight, but I think, for now, we’ll just leave it there. And get on with our lives.

When not being unhappy and resentful in the pages of Everyday Feminism, the being named Caleb Luna is “a first-year PhD student at University of California, Berkeley, and their work explores the intersections of fatness, desire, fetishism, white supremacy, and colonialism from a queer of colour lens.” So not at all predictable or conformist. Readers wishing to get busy with said being, in a suitably woke and political way, can seek titillation via Twitter (external - login to view).

davidthompson (external - login to view)

enjoy the decline
You can't make people like you, love you or friend you...

There is no law written that states that i must date because you want me to.

People do go on these apps looking for "their" type and there is no law stating what people should like or desire, we are all free to choose what we are attracted too.

Mind you if your 30+ and are still looking for that type, then thats probably the reason why your single...


Rejection is part of the dating game if your a man.
He needs to learn N.L.P.

I mean if it could get obama elected...twice
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Locust disdains the Ladies. He loves the human tripods..
Quote: Originally Posted by LudlowView Post

Locust disdains the Ladies. He loves the human tripods..

He just prefers the none bit€hy none feminist variation of women.

You know the type of women Nature intended.
I've yet to meet a happy radical feminist. In my experience, they are all twisted up with frustration and confusion. They consign themselves to lives of entrenched victimhood, placing themselves on a pedastal of unremitting grievance.

They aspire to an ideal in which they will always be mediocre and unfulfilled.. that of being men. They deny the rich genius, gifts and consolations of their own gender. Parents are not doing their daughters any favours by raising them as feminists.
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"Of all the threats to free speech in history, the one the media give the most credibility to without question is the feminist movement, which is trying to rebrand public debate as harassment."

- Milo Yiannopoulos
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"You aren't famous for what you say, until you are famous for what you do."

(But I suppose Paris Hilton and the Kardashians blew that quote out of the water.)

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