Jews getting their noses out of joint again


Economist Uses ‘Fagin the Jew’ to Illustrate Article on Criminal Behavior (external - login to view)

I’m usually the one around the Old Jews poker table who counsels my oversensitive friends not to over-react to perceived slights. As a former English prof, I abhor PC censorship of literature (banning Twain for his use of the”N-word” is but one example.) I’m a fan of brilliant writers who are also dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semites, such as Pound, Celine, TS Eliot and, yes, Dickens. Further, paying attention to intentional hatred or sniveling bigotry just stirs the toilet and makes it smell worse.

But The Economist just published a story entitled “To Have and Have Not: A disturbing study of the link between income and criminal behavior” (external - login to view) that pushed me over the edge. Atop the piece is very large picture of Fagin the Jew from a movie version of Dicken’s Oliver Twist.

Type “Fagin the Jew” into Google (Images or Web) and you will see how viral and anti-Semitic this character portrait is historically.

Fagin is used by Dickens as symbol of explicitly Jewish criminality and his portrayal even in the 1948 (!) film, from which this image is taken, truly captures Dickens’ animus. See this discussion of Dickens’ anti-Semitism:
The Oxford Dictionary of English Literature describes (external - login to view) Dickens as nationalistic often both stigmatizing foreign European cultures and taking his attitude to “colonized people” to “genocidal extremes”,[3] (external - login to view) albeit based mainly on a vision of British virtue, but not on any concept of heredity. One of the best known instances of this is Dickens’ portrait of Fagin in one of his most widely read early novels Oliver Twist, which has been seen by some as deeply anti-Semitic, though others such as Dickens’ biograper “G.K.Chesterton” have argued against this notion. The novel refers to Fagin 257 times in the first 38 chapters as “the Jew,” while the ethnicity or religion of the other characters is rarely mentioned.
The Economist article itself resurrects traditional anti-Jewish libels of inherent or congenital criminality by gratuitously placing a photo of a Jew to accompany a report about a study in Sweden. The study has not one mention of Jews, literature, Dickens, the 19th century, or even crime in England. But it does suggest:
“…a family’s culture, once established, is “sticky”—that you can, to put it crudely, take the kid out of the neighbourhood, but not the neighbourhood out of the kid. Given, for example, children’s propensity to emulate elder siblings whom they admire, that sounds perfectly plausible. The other possibility is that genes which predispose to criminal behaviour (several studies suggest such genes exist) are more common at the bottom of society than at the top, perhaps because the lack of impulse-control they engender also tends to reduce someone’s earning capacity.”
This is either dumbfounding insensitivity or gratuitous stereotyping, especially at a time when passions are aroused against Jews in the UK (external - login to view), the EU (external - login to view), and elsewhere. In its choice of images, The Economist has either purposefully inflamed matters or merely, casually, offhandedly confirmed its good old upper crust Brit anti-Jew bigotry.

Further, even if it’s just a poor or thoughtless choice, it’s part of a pattern. The Economist‘s anti-Israel (external - login to view) agenda (external - login to view) has been clear for a long time. However, they now make clear that their bias blurs the distinction between anti-Israel and anti-Jew. Maybe I’ve gone over the edge and have become enamored of the view from here. Look, I’ll tell on myself: I cancelled my subscription to The New York Times for its clear bias (external - login to view) after five decades of reading it religiously. Yup, this former liberal Brooklyn Jew has become a bit unnerved.

Or maybe I’m not crazy. Maybe The Economist‘s cool posture of civil, rational analysis obliges it to be held to a higher standard. Maybe I just can’t abide the UK’s and EU’s pretenses and get some bad boy frisson from ripping off their masks.

Please join me in protesting to The Economist directly at (external - login to view) and asking for an apology.

Also feel free to use any verbiage herein to help make your point.

Economist Uses ‘Fagin the Jew’ to Illustrate Article on Criminal Behavior | Jewish & Israel News (external - login to view)

Crime and poverty: To have and have not | The Economist (external - login to view)

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be offended or not. I certainly know that I don't care.

Are you telling me the lad in the middle in the photo is 'little Timmy' and the 3 Spirits of X-mas by products of the vaccination and pat no attention even though some call it 'being conscious' at the moment. First fable was Santa, then Puff the Magic Dragon, now Little Timmy. Talk about the world going to hell in a hand-basket. Odds are this will be the Times cover, North American Edition, the Rest of the world is reading about 10M refugees and a Siberian Chinook on the way.
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I believe the preferred term is "dafuq?"
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I believe the preferred term is "dafuq?"

Correct me if I am wrong, 'The fastest way to get on a list is to do something that is a 'preventive measure' If the mouse didn't flinch the cat wouldn't pounce, . . . and then eat you
Tits allright you can finger it out in the morning. I love English,

'Goddidit' covers a lot of things.

Take a deep breath, Jordan Maxwell is the main course, this is the 'primer'.


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Twat's that? I **** hear you.

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I believe the preferred term is "dafuq?"

Is there a 'holy' version, there usually is, then an 'ouch'.
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You were getting fairly coherent a couple months ago. What happened?
I though asking if there was a difference between 'crap' and 'holy crap' was rather witty.
this ISIS thing is the stupidest thing to come down the line in a long time. My posts apparently reflect what sort of place I would have to be in to swallow it and not swallow it. Putting all that ISIS is claimed will show that it is the proverbial 'Evil Mastermind' that is more word than deed.
A few months ago I was in a proverbial rage due to bad air, literally. Perhaps it was the meds that came with that condition as I parked them and the sobbing and tears is something other have to endure, it doesn't bother me much anymore. Is that the wrong path?

If I was to get you in a corner it would be to examine why you have such a 'complex' against Russia. (while going back a somewhat limited time like 30 years) I think they show there is a recovery after the west leaves but it also includes having a lot of natural resourses at the same time. Their visit to an impoverished Cubs to open up some carbon fiber molds as the climate is better there than in Siberia which has use or rail cars that are lightweight and don't fatigue at -41F. Sugar cane has long fibers, Russia has lots of glue.

What kind of reply are you expecting with a 4 letter post. In my post pick a spot (pick a time in the vid is even better) and state you opinion on it being a valid point or not. If that can be explained further so much the better. It's called a conversation. You can't hold one of those here when certain things are the topic. If the Mid-East and Russian topics bother you don't post on them. What is this post, it has nothing to do with the area, it has to do with me posting what is guiding my current opinion of what is going on in the area. If you want you 'bad Russia' to be the only view, well, best of luck with that. Last few days I've been stuck in a chair with my leg up so I have lots of time to read more than just the headlines. It may not cause you any concern when articles differ widely but I'm going to look at them long enough to figure out which is most likely the truth and which is the lie and why the difference in the 1st place. That doesn't require a lot of time or energy. Are you saying I shouldn't say. 'That's not true.' when the material I have says the facts are 'somewhat different'? Who would that help in the near time or in the long run when the long run is not based on anything I'm 'formulating'.

1M Ukrainian refugees, how many more before I get to start saying something? 1M Syrians and I should have been doing the same a few years back.
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1M Ukrainian refugees, how many more before I get to start saying something? 1M Syrians and I should have been doing the same a few years back.

So do you suggest, through your posted video, that the ongoing events in the Ukraine are the result of manipulation by banks, through their action or inaction, or possibly the russian mob controlling the banks and maybe even Putski's strings?

as well, your public wants to know how to get what you're smoking


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