Inside the trailer park

Photo series explores the lives and loves of the families living in a a California mobile home community

Far from the kudzu-covered southern Piedmont or tornado-prone prairie where popular depictions so frequently park mobile homes, a San Francisco photographer has captured the essence of trailer life in a seemingly unlikely place: California wine country.

Trailer parks can be found anywhere, of course, and photographer David Waldorf (external - login to view) set out in a Uhaul-turned-portable studio in 2006 to prove that beauty could be found anywhere, as well.

He found it in a Sonoma County mobile home park nestled near--but seemingly worlds away from--the sun-drenched vineyards and wine-making estates.

In the Brookside Trailer Park, Waldorf offered free photographs to folks willing to participate and in exchange was able to snap images both haunting and thrilling, down and out but somehow uplifting.

Whether it's a divorcee posing in her wedding dress by the light of a charcoal grill or an 18-year-old afflicted by a skin condition that makes him appear far younger, The Trailer Park is a complex journey through a world more often cast in simple stereotypes.

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Photo series introduces rag-tag misfits of California Trailer Park | Mail Online
Well they all look so very, very happy don't they.
Here in BC we have trailer parks and Mobile home parks. The Trailers are usually camper trailers, but I've seen school buses as well.

I've seen the old 70's style single wide with very expensive vehicles parked beside them. Some people can't afford other accommodations and some would prefer to spend their money on items other then a "acceptable" roof over their head.

I think if it were an RV, I could handle living in it...traveling the continent.

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