In 2012, the Department of Transportation began requiring airlines to advertise the full price of an airline ticket, with all mandatory taxes and fees included.

Yet, an airline ticket remains a complicated stew (external - login to view) of taxes, fees, surcharges and other costs you may not be aware of.

While you can spend hours on the Internet to find reasonable fares have you ever considered factors that influence the fare?

What follows is by no means a complete list of everything included in the price of airfare, just some of the more interesting charges.

1. Base airfare

Don't confuse a $300 economy class airline ticket with 'base airfare'. Base airfare is the cost of the flight alone and on a $300 domestic ticket, that's about $250. The rest is non-optional taxes and fees. If that sounds like a lot, here's the breakdown on a recent international fare on American in mid-October from New York to London:

  • Base airfare: $311
  • Final ticket price: $1026


7 surprising factors that go into airline ticket prices | Fox News (external - login to view)