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Universities are starting to realize that having an entire department dedicating to teaching students how to analyze the feminist symbolism of Chaucerian mythology and its effect on post-Industrial deconstructionism might be kind of a waste (external - login to view)

Pulling the Plug on English Departments

The armies of soft philistinism are on the march and eager to ditch traditional literature instruction in favor of more utilitarian approaches. To the barricades!

It is easy to observe the sad and sickly decline of American intellectual life, through the cultural and institutional lowering of standards, when prestigious publications promote the defense, if not the celebration, of lower standards.

Writing recently in The New Republic on the seemingly inevitable death of the college English department, James Pulizzi (external - login to view) represents the shortsighted techno-boosterism and foolish progressivism that is rendering American culture increasingly superficial and frivolous.

“Within a few decades, contemporary literature departments will be largely extinct,” Pulizzi submits before predicting that “communications, composition, and media studies will take English’s place.”


Pulling the Plug on English Departments - The Daily Beast (external - login to view)
The death of culture is greatly exaggerated.

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