‘Gaydar’ works — and conservatives have more of it

In less than the blink of an eye, your subconscious “gaydar” makes a judgment about someone’s sexual orientation based entirely on facial traits — and it’s usually right.

So says the research of Nicholas Rule, a University of Toronto psychologist giving a talk on the subject this week as part of WorldPride. “The gist of it is that people can accurately judge someone’s sexual orientation from very minimal information about them,” Rule said in an interview.

“You only need to see a face for less than 40 milliseconds to judge sexual orientation with the same level of accuracy that you get if you take all the time in the world.

“To put that in perspective, it takes 400 milliseconds to blink your eye.”



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So I'll put this under evidence that homosexuality is natural.
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So I'll put this under evidence that homosexuality is natural.

Seems so, eh?

Ah well, who can say what's right with dogs? They'll hump anything. Kinda like humans I guess.
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Ah well, who can say what's right with dogs? They'll hump anything. Kinda like humans I guess.

Human males at least.
Seems not all Conservatives have Gaydar........

Like dozens of other gay colleagues in the Bush White House, many of them closeted, Levine had been sure that Bush himself was personally tolerant even if the GOP was not—and uncomfortable with gay-bashing as a way to win elections. But this was a rebuff, and it was hard not to take it personally: “To be working extraordinarily hard with all of your energy, working through many nights for somebody that you believe in, and to hear that person that you work so hard for come out against something that you are.”

Evertz says Bush’s political guru, Karl Rove, for a time would only give him clearance for public appearances if he promised not to be billed as the first openly gay appointee in a Republican administration. With the politics swirling, Israel Hernandez, a deputy assistant to the president, came into Evertz’s office and gave him a hug. Evertz was sure Rove had sent him as a nice gesture. It was only much later that Evertz learned Hernandez, who had been with Bush since serving as his driver and personal aide in the early 1990s, was gay.

Did we have a lot of people in the closet in the administration?” says one former senior official in the Bush White House whose office included at least three gay staffers. “I used to say we had an entire warehouse.”

A few months later, one of his gay friends who had also worked in the White House sat down in front of Facebook and counted the Bush White House staffers he knew to be gay. He came up with at least 70 (only two of them women).

Read more: Inside George W. Bush’s Closet - Timothy J. Burger - POLITICO Magazine (external - login to view)
hey a good point about old George...I'll take that ♦

if people can detect "gayness" how come people make errors...I've been kissed twice by girlfriends testing the water...I really wasn't interested

now to be frank, I LOVE the human body, male or female...I think a well toned body regardless of skinny or fat, is a beautiful thing to behold...but getting it on with another woman is not really all that appealing to me

well...maybe with Pink...but other than that...nope

in my next life time, I want her core strength...it is hot, hot, hot
There must be other ways to find out other things put a pen on the counter
and see what hand someone picks up a pen then accuse the them of being
Left Handed
I never heard such over all nonsense in my life using some formula to determine
who is gay or conservative or anything else
People fall for all kinds of nonsense given the chance
Gaydar, right.
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Gaydar, right.



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