These Dogs Are Being Trained to WAIT, but What Happens next is Absolutely Hilarious!!

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These Dogs Are Being Trained to WAIT, but What Happens After They Hear “OK” is Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Elmo and his two bigger friends are being taught a new command “Wait”. Their owner uses delicious sausages to improve their self-control. This command is not an easy task for the dogs, since they are very curious, playful and easily distracted animals. Elmo, the smallest dog, is a Chihuahua and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, he has more trouble understanding the concept of the command and, especially, the rewarding part. However, this dog obviously knows better how to succeed in this life. What happens when the dogs’ owner tells them it is OK to eat the sausage is so unexpected! It seriously made me burst out laughing. Enjoy this super positive and funny video and don’t be greedy, share it with your friends and family.

The Sausage Thief Elmo Staffy The Greedy Chihuahua from Staffy Lover - YouTube

What a smartie! In a big family you have to get it while you can. If you want to teach your dog this command, you should start with the basics: sit, stand, lay. The animal has to learn to pay attention first. Then you have to figure out what type of reward your dog prefers more: some get excited about food, some would do anything just for a pat or playtime. Either way every learning session should end up on a positive note. Dogs get bored really quick of the commands that don’t require any movement, so try to make your sessions 5-15 minutes long, and stop as soon as you start getting frustrated. Dogs can sense our emotions, and training should always be a positive experience for both of you. Teaching your dog to WAIT can be challenging. Work with your dog on the leash first. It will give you the ability to control and reinforce the animal’s moves. The keys to success in teaching your dog tricks are patience, practice, praise, and persistence.

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Dixie Cup
Too funny. When we bring out a goodie and tell our dog to "wait" he looks everywhere but at the item because he knows he doesn't have the ability to restrain himself. He looks up and from side to side - everywhere but at the food. It's too funny. But it also helps him control the urge to grab it and run. He's a real "food-a-holic" - will do ANYTHING for food - which, to my mind is not always a good thing. Have to watch him like a hawk on our daily walks......
You always have to watch out for the little guys eh? LOL

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