The Mall of Irony

Managers of the Mall of America are hoping they can entice Chinese tourists to fly all the way to Minnesota to buy a bunch of stuff made in China (external - login to view)

Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are among favorite spots for Chinese tourists coming to the United States. Now Minnesota and the Mall of America the largest mall in the country want to get on that list.

"We see the growth in the number of Chinese travelers to the United States. Our goal is to try to make Minnesota in their mindset, maybe not as a primary, but as a secondary destination," John Edman, director of Explore Minnesota Tourism, Minnesota's tourism board, told China Daily.


Minnesota, Mall of America want Chinese tourists|Across Americas| (external - login to view)
bill barilko
Believe it or not Chinese made goods are often a good deal cheaper outside China.
Almost as ironic (but not quite as funny) as thousands of people standing whilst singing God Save the Queen in Her Majesty's presence at CELTIC PARK last night.

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