Transgender education

This isn't posted for the bigots. I know they aren't going to change their minds. This is directed at the "straights" that "say" they support LGBT rights, but in reality, don't have a fu cking clue what they are really supporting. They are only giving "lip service" to the "idea".

Read the article, look at the pictures, and watch the video. Ryland is the reason LGBT rights are so important.

Proud parents from San Diego have shared their story of having a transgender son who became a boy aged just 5-years-old.
Jeff and Hillary Whittington presented a touching video showing little Ryland's female-to-male transition as they were honored at the 6th annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast last Thursday.
The stirring footage revealed how Ryland suffered severe hearing problems when she was just 12-months-old and was fitted with cochlear implants.
"I am a boy," the long blonde haired toddler reportedly declared to her parents after the operation and learning to speak.

Read more: WATCH: San Diego parents reveal story of transgender son who became boy at 5 - NY Daily News (external - login to view)

The Whittington Family Ryland39s Story - YouTube

Holy crap.
What an incredibly enlightened couple!

What an incredibly emotional video!

Good parents. Some would have fought it.
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Good parents. Some would have fought it.

some? More like many, including those that purport to support LGBT rights.
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