The power of whiteness

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Great piece from the great @zerlinamaxwell for @policymic on white privilege:


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@Toure @hope_and_chains That was a great response, and it highlights how White ethnics, including Jews, became White after WWII. #Whiteness


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@Toure My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work. #SORRYFORBEINGWHITETHOUGHYOUGUYS


#Whiteness: UMUC prof lauds Touré’s callous ‘power of whiteness’ tweet

MSNBC host Touré earned himself a deserved Twitter drubbing this week when he attributed the success of a Holocaust survivor to “the power of whiteness.” It’s academic that someone from higher education would agree with Touré’s assessment, and Donald Earl Collins of the University of Maryland University College stepped up to fill the role, lauding Touré’s “great response.”

Again, we’re talking about the “white privilege” of Holocaust survivors — and “the power of whiteness” was a “great response.”

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#Whiteness: UMUC prof lauds Touré’s callous ‘power of whiteness’ tweet | Twitchy
I bet you haven't read the article.
And I am supposed to care what happens on Twitter?
Twitter is like the land of sound bites...typed out. I don't like it. It's not neat and orderly and it actually causes a bit of anxiety in my brain. Is there an actual article or is it just the tweets?
lmao...glad it causes others anxiety too...I never quite know how to begin ... I know I have to get used to it but maybe tomorrow

i never know which I am supposed to click on, or if it's all, or
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Tweeting is for "Twits"!

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