Rank of antidepressant use in 23 OECD countries


Conrad Hackett ‏@conradhackett

Rank of antidepressant use in 23 OECD countries

1 Iceland
2 Australia
3 Canada
4 Denmark
5 Sweden
7 UK

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For those that maybe want to compare this to other fun facts like suicide (sorry, intentional self harm), you may view all the data here:

Statistics - OECD (external - login to view)
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Just finished reading Brain on Fire about a girl who suffered from anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. This disease replicates symptoms from other diseases like schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder and depression.

And those working on learning more about this disease believe that those suffering from the other diseases may in fact have anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Fully treatable without a life time of drug to take.
Depressing. I was on them when I was 19-20 and nothing good came of it which is why I stopped.
Yep- Blame Harper- He has just got to fun up.

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