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man oh man:

The national organ of the British left:
Would you rather hear about how conventional grammar is obviously "right-wing," according to Harry Ritchie, or would you be more tempted by Nick Baines' account of eating his wife's placenta? Both as a garlic taco and liquidised as a smoothie, albeit one that's grey and with a grim metallic taste. Because apparently eating afterbirth is "a modern obsession." Perhaps you'd be compelled by Tracy McVeigh's conviction that "rewards don't make anyone happy," and that two-year-olds, the universal yardstick of human selflessness, are being rendered grasping and unfeeling by "post-industrial capitalism."
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Would you rather hear about how conventional grammar is obviously "right-wing,"

This doesn't surprise me about The Guardian when you consider that the paper's nickname The Grauniad originated with the satirical magazine Private Eye. This anagram played on The Guardian's reputation for frequent typographical errors, such as misspelling its own name as The Gaurdian. Of course, such typographical errors are what you expect when its lefty journalists consider good education to be solely for "toffs" and that "students" should be taught trendy lefty things in schools like climate change and showing "tolerance" to other "faith groups" and members of the "LGBT community". Things like maths, science and English, which were once deemed to be the three most important subjects, are deemed to be less important than those trendy lefty things that our Guardianista teachers are teaching kids in schools today and is why the Guardianistas of the NUT have been taking to the streets waving Stalinist placards and protesting at Education Secretary Michael Gove's reforms for better education for children. The Guardianistas who have ruined what, not too long ago, was the best education system in the world don't want good education for kids and teach them to be the next generation fo scientists, astronauts and playwrights. They just want to pollute kids' minds with trendy lefty things and make them become social workers, Greenpeace activists or bearded LibDems when they leave school.

The Guardian is a left-wing Bible read by the trendy metropolitan liberals and the sandal-wearing, bearded, Islington dinner party set who watch Wimbledon every year (not Wimbledon AFC - that's for those ghastly working class folk - but the Wimbledon tennis tournament). Certain people post articles from The Guardian on discussion forums - usually about current trendy left wing things like "climate change" - as though The Guardian represents the views of the ordinary man on the street. But it doesn't. Its total number of readers is minuscule compared to newspapers which DO represent the ordinary man on the street, such as The Sun and The Daily Mail. When a builder or a plumber has a break and a cup of tea he doesn't read The Guardian, he reads The Sun or the Mail.

I also like the rivalry between the Mail and the Grauniad. It's on a par with Rangers VS Celtic; Blur VS Oasis; or Coronation Street VS EastEnders. Barely a day goes by without there being at least one article in each paper in which it slags the other one off.
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