The Sickness that is Coming

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One of the more important epiphanies I had was that age doesn't matter when it comes to leadership and capabilities. Sure, you would think older people are wiser, but as I've aged I realized that in fact, no, they're just older. They are just as dumb and incompetent as people half their age.

While it took some daring and bravado to make this epiphany when I was 30, it is only reinforced as it is now my generation that is approaching 40 and will be viewed by today's 20 somethings as the "wise elders who have their act together." The modern day 20 something does not know what I know and does not see what I see in my 4 decades old peers - that they're the same idiots and morons they were back in the 90's when they were in their 20's. They did not mature, they just got older, and really have no clue what they're doing.

But if we were to extrapolate this trend, one where generations don't mature, never grow up, and never change, just merely get older, the country is in for a world of hurt. For while I can't believe people in my generation are heading up companies, working their way up the corporate ladders, or are educators and teachers in our schools, what's coming down the pipe is scary - a mentally infected or diseased generation.

When I say "infected" or "diseased" I mean I look at the kids today, especially of college age, and realize they have a genuine mental condition. We can all laugh and mock them citing examples of entitlement, weakness, and idiocy, highlighting stories where they demand free education or have their parents attend a job interview with them or Pajama Boy's latest antics, but these are merely the symptoms of a much larger and threatening sickness. One where nearly an entire generation is incapable of understanding other people's rights, freedom, and property.

If you look at college students and 20 somethings today an unacceptable number of them lack the mental ability to respect the rights and freedoms of others. There was the student journalist that wanted to ban conservative opinions on campus (I forget the name and the school). There was Donglegate where Adria Richards thought it was her domain to get two guys fired, which is only one of the increasing instances of Mozillaing.

Youve Been quotMozillaedquot - YouTube

And there's more than one instance where some idiot adult child will claim we need to ban conservative talk radio (external - login to view).

[...] what you have is a group of people who:

1. Are not able to support themselves
2. Lack the mental ability to understand the sovereignty and freedom of other people and
3. Therefore lack the ability to protect freedom while voting
4. Are trained to find insult in everything and view themselves only as a victim
5. Are not capable of logical and intellectually honest thought
6. Who are instead ruled by emotions and self-pity
7. and are therefore uncurable and beyond reason.


Captain Capitalism: The Sickness that is Coming (external - login to view)
This is quite lucid Locutus.
The you tube piece aside, your seeing something that has since the time of Aristotle has plagued the older generations.
Socrates has been attributed to saying much the same and Plato had his take on youth.
It's always been the same, as we get old we live in horror at youth's total lack of commitment to our ideals.

Unfortunately their fear in their future will be about why are their kids not whining about the basement , ...,
meh i have no idea what the present youth is on about , just like my parents did not know me.

Now .....I always say to my grand kids and any youth that if you are going to actually spend time in getting any higher education in any thing....then make sure you get A's and A+'s. In this day and age anything under that..

{ooops losing listening to the youtube guy caus he is now typing on}

Anything under that average you are going to struggle in finding work in this world of 6 billion.

But the best of the best are approached before final exams.

Nice piece Locutus.

hey the guy has some sort of solution starting at timestamp 13 minutes.
i listened to this kid , sort of like him, talks well..but meh ...just meh...
The kids are all right. The internet has a way of magnifying the doofus demographic.
Not sure I agree with his anecdotal account of people and them framing that as some prediction of a looming economic collapse.

Especially considering we cannot organize ourselves without some form of government.
Whether the kids are doing well can be quantified by comparing their educations and skills to those of their foreign peers, and by comparing them to the education and skills of the Baby Boom generation.
Quote: Originally Posted by BaalsTearsView Post

Whether the kids are doing well can be quantified by comparing their educations and skills to those of their foreign peers, and by comparing them to the education and skills of the Baby Boom generation.

Maybe, but you would have to determine if the reason for a better education or skill in a any given generation was primarily driven by external factors or if if was truly a matter of the inherent choices made by those individuals.
Who wrote the text above the youtube video?
Quote: Originally Posted by eh1ehView Post

Who wrote the text above the youtube video?

Aaron Clarey (external - login to view)

aka Captain Capitalism

Captain Capitalism (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

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