Angry beaver delays traffic, roams around Miramichi

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An angry beaver was roaming around Miramichi on Tuesday, creating traffic delays and chasing onlookers.

Jim O'Neill was driving his taxi when he noticed a man being chased by a beaver off King George Highway on Tuesday.

"You look out the corner of your eye and see a beaver backing somebody up the driveway,” he said.

So, O’Neill stopped the cab and took out his camera.

Snapping a few pictures, O’Neill got about 2.5 metres away from the beaver before it turned on him.

"Slapped his tail on the driveway, slapped his front feet on the ground. He came on,” he said.

“So I backed up to try it again and jeez he got quite aggressive. He was camera shy."

The rodent, possibly displaced from its home due to recent flooding, spent most of Tuesday afternoon roaming through town causing delays in traffic.

Miramichi Police Force were also called about the beaver as it was roaming around the northern city.

Sgt. Ed Arbeau said the Miramichi police deal with animals on a daily basis but this was a first.

"The damn thing was lost, it was going down the street. We didn't do anything, we showed up and seen what it was,” Arbeau said.

“The guys left it alone, told the citizens to leave it alone and it went on its way to where it was going."

Although quite rare, beavers have been known to attack people.

Arbeau said it's possible the large rodent had been provoked during its time in the city.

Angry beaver delays traffic, roams around Miramichi - New Brunswick - CBC News

some fuking lame brain proved it and it was disoriented and confused...glad the cops there know how to handle TO they would have cornered it and shot it...

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