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Address: 5 Hawthorn Gardens (external - login to view)
Price: $15,900,000
Lot Size: 100 x 287 Feet
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 7
Taxes: $55,520.38 (2013)

Despite its nearly $16 million asking price, one doubts that its future owner will be able to match the artistic pomp that's on display as this Rosedale residence goes to market. Look carefully at the photos below and you'll see the work of Diane Arbus, Bernd and Hilla Becher, and a host of other big name photographers beside collections of ceramics carefully sealed away in display cases around the home. And that's not to mention the library, which is Disney-esque in its grandeur and beauty.

Up for sale by art collector-***-artist Ydessa Hendeles, the fantasy-like quality isn't lost on whoever's writing copy for the realtor. The brief description of the house -- which is written in all caps, no less -- lays it on about as thick as it comes. "Like The Slipper On Cinderella's Foot, The Home Perfectly Embraces Its Magical Ravine Setting. 5 Hawthorn Gardens Has Been Transformed Into A Singular Piece Of Great Art."

But, hey, when a place is this nice, who can really take fault with a little typographical enthusiasm? While it lacks an in-house pool or bowling alley as you might find on the Bridle Path, the ravine views, lush wood, and adorned ceilings speak to the architectural pedigree of the Eustace G. Bird-designed 1911 home.

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House of the week: 5 Hawthorn Gardens (external - login to view)

Over priced and over taxed.How far from the ocean?
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Over priced and over taxed.How far from the ocean?

Pretty far. However it is in the center of the universe, so I'm sure that makes up for it's lack of seaside views.
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