Western colonialists brought homophobia to Africa and Asia

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Homophobia and nationalism share a cynical root. They are both ways for demagogues to distract from real problems be it a lack of democracy (Russia), an Islamist insurgency (Nigeria), or corruption (Uganda). In many of the 78 countries that currently ban homosexuality in some form, the demagogues even claim that decadent western societies created the vice that must now be eradicated. Come, let us save our nation by locking up the people who perform this threatening act!


It doesn't take a team of medical experts, such as that commissioned by Kampala, to establish that homosexuality predates western power in Africa, or to work out that far from encouraging homosexuality, the colonialists exported homophobia, in the form of anti-gay legislation then on European statute books. In the case of Buganda, the kingdom that formed the heart of present-day Uganda, the British deposed the male monarch on the pretext that he had a harem of page boys... (external - login to view)

anyway, the guardian

Homophobia: hatred carried on a westerly wind | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian (external - login to view)

Blazing Cat Fur: Guardian editorial: Western colonialists brought homophobia to Africa and Asia (external - login to view)
Western colonialists is a nice way of saying Christians.
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Western colonialists is a nice way of saying Christians.


Western Colonialists were 100% politically and philosophically of a liberal nature and all Pagans.
Western colonialists were Vikings?
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Some were, sure.
Well whatever they were, they certainly weren't liberal.

Liberal democracies are responsible for the humanitarian revolution which is the starting point for the rights movements.
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The Vikings weren't alone in that... Pretty sure that the majority of the movement was by Wiccans, which as we all know, is the precursor to PETA and Greenpeace
Age of Enlightenment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view)
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You're reading only what 'da man' wants you to see.
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Um, liberalism back then was a different critter than the liberalism around these days.
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In other words... these African nations are not responsible for their actions yet again?

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