Partner-swap hotel booming in saucy Blackpool

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Saucy Sue set up a swingers’ hotel with husband Keith in Blackpool, a resort famed for naughty weekends away. The Paradise Hotel is for “swingers” and “liberated” adults.

Sue said: “People can never believe it when I say I used to be a teacher.

“But swinging has become so much more mainstream over the past few years.

“It used to feel a bit more taboo but now whenever I tell people what I do they want to hear all about it.

“Setting up the hotel has been great. Business is booming – we’re fully booked nearly every week.”

Sue discovered swinging after meeting former lorry driver Keith, 56. The couple loved it so much that three years after first visiting the Paradise Hotel as guests they decided to buy it.

Sue – who was working as a supply teacher at the time – said: “I’d been teaching and swinging for a year and it was becoming tricky.


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