LOTTO MAX OLG owes players $50M: online petition

This is a copy of an article printed in the Cambridge Times Newspaper dated January 23, 2014 written by Lisa Rutledge.
OLG owes players $50M: online petition
Angry the Ontario Lottery Gaming (OLG) corporation gave out a $50-million prize to someone who lost her ticket, a local woman has launched an online petition to demand a do-over.
Puslinch resident Patricia Watson doesn’t want to see Hamilton’s Kathryn Jones who was determined by OLG to be the rightful winner of the prize, lose her winnings. But she argues the corporation owes it to players to put $50 million in Lotto Max money back in the pot because OLG broke its own no-ticket, no-prize policies.
“That money could have been split between 50 other people,” Watson stated.
She suspects she’s not alone in her frustration about OLG tracking down and giving Jones the prize even though she lost her ticket and never laid claim to the winnings.
The lottery corporation maintains it has the authority to make every effort to ensure prizes go to the right recipients and insists Jones was identified as the rightful winner using evidence including data analysis, credit card records and store surveillance video.
Mean while Cambridge resident Les King, who has been engaged in a year-long battle with OLG, insists he had the winning ticket but lost it.
He recently launched a lawsuit against the corporation, demanding the $50 million, plus another $1.3 million in damages.
Watson, who is hoping to garner 10,000 signatures to send to the OLG, has posted her petition online at (external - login to view).
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People are god damned idiots.
Quote: Originally Posted by Retired_Can_SoldierView Post

People are god damned idiots.

I know. Who uses Comic Sans?
Hey....I won $20.00 in last weeks Lotto Max....first and probably last time I bought a ticket.

Me and the wife bought us some dew worm starter. Gonna corner the market. d'oh.
A week before this lady was awarded the win I had heard on the radio that $50 mill had not been claimed and was about to expire.

I thought that was odd but possibly the person had died or whatever and didn't think about it until a week later they proclaimed her the winner.

I don't follow the Lottery biz but it seemed, to me anyways, to be an unusual effort by the Lottery Corp to go looking for the winner.

I was somewhere the day after possibly that the winner was proclaimed and when I mentioned the effort put forth by the Lottery people, a person amongst those I was talking to said the reason the Lottery Corp went to all that trouble is there were a few hundred people trying to claim this prize and they wanted to see if they could verify who bought it.

Turns out this lady was not one of the ones trying to claim it.

I will say I am baffled by those who follow these goings on close enough to know that a prize has gone unclaimed. I'm not sure where they would find that info...........
Lotteries advertise this kind of info. Helps keep the excitement of voluntary taxation alive.
Sucker tax.
As much as the odds are against it, I wonder what kind of scrutiny those who tried to bogusly claim this prize would come under if they did indeed win a large prize one day?
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