Oil spills no one talks about

Think we have problems, yes we do with countries like Russia destroying the environment and no one notices.

Russia oil spills wreak devistation.

USINSK, Russia (AP) -- On the bright yellow tundra outside this oil town near the Arctic Circle, a pitch-black pool of crude stretches toward the horizon. The source: a decommissioned well whose rusty screws ooze with oil, viscous like jam. This is the face of Russia's oil country, a sprawling, inhospitable zone that experts say represents the world's worst ecological oil catastrophe.
AP Enterprise: Russia oil spills wreak devastation - Yahoo! Finance (external - login to view)
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Why am I not surprised. Our eco terrorists find it safer to protest here where there is no jail term for breaking the law.
Were just easy to pick on.
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Were just easy to pick on.

And if our environmentalists and eco-terrorists went over to Russia, someone invariably would comment on the transportation over to Russia, and the oil used to get there. Russia has it's own activists.
From the same people that brought you: "We're not guilty because the Liberals were!"
Who cares?
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