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Ottawa police officer facing manslaughter charge in death of Abdirahman Abdi | O
Hey....Tecumsehbones.....maybe now would be a good time to remind you that personal insults are NOT PERMITTED.....not even when your argument is ruined by the application of logic and common sense! And no wonder cops get a little crazed when they have to deal with the drunk the drugged, the insane and the criminal ......with a pack of lawyers and hug a thug judges lingering in the background just waiting for any sort of slip up!

Here is a nice little tale first published by Toronto Sun writer Sue-Ann Levy BEFORE Black Lives Matter group hijacked the Pride parade and she does a nice job of explaining how and why BLM is such an arrogant bunch of doorknobs! Political PINHEADS at every level of govt have encouraged these morons to ever greater excesses! I have included a few comments of my own in brackets).

Political correctness gone mad in case of Black Lives Matter TO.

By Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun. First posted: Friday, June 24, 2016 04:47 PM EDT | Updated: Saturday, June 25, 2016 07:44 AM EDT

Premier Kathleen Wynne talks with Janaya Khan, an organizer from Black Lives Matter. The group Black Lives Matter marched from police headquarters to Queens Park on Monday April 4, 2016. (CRAIG ROBERTSON, Toronto Sun)

Has political correctness made everyone — most particularly our city and provincial politicians — lose all shred of common sense?

It seems so, considering Black Lives Matter TO is not only set to be honoured at the July 3 Pride parade but has also been selected to receive City Hall’s William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations — one of five yearly Access, Equity and Human Rights awards given to leftist activists selected by other leftists who make their livelihood largely off government grants.

A city report — penned by Uzma Shakir, director of equity, diversity and human rights — says the award (which needs approval by Mayor John Tory’s executive committee Tuesday) is being given to Black Lives Matter TO because they “have created, articulated and enacted a new vision of responding to inequities experienced by black people ... in Toronto.”

Pride’s organizers claim largely the same for bestowing their honour — namely that the group has made headlines by “calling for the elimination of carding, seeking justice for killings and collecting race-based data and combating anti-blackness.”

I have no problem with their message. (Says Levy.)

The police need to be held to account for their handling of shooting deaths and the SIU must be pushed to be open about how they conduct their investigations.
(Speaking as a member of the Cdn racial majority and having watched the shooting of Sammy Yatim, I have developed some concerns re police activities. Yatim is the crazy nutbar who got onto a TTC streetcar, brandished a LARGE butcher knife and exposed his genitals to female passengers. For obvious reasons the driver stopped the streetcar and let all the passengers off-and called the cops!)
(As we know-cops arrived swiftly and completely failed to impress upon Yatim the seriousness of his situation-crazy people DON’T respond to reason and logic-its Why we call them crazy! When Yatim moved to step off the bus and advanced towards cops, without dropping the knife, he was shot three times. So far, NO PROBLEM as far as I am concerned. Threatening LOON with large knife and exposed genitals gets shot and WHO is surprised at this? Surely nobody!)

(Its what happens after the first three shots-its that long pause and then SIX more shots into the body of a quadriplegic that give pause for thought. At trial a doctor testified that one of the first three shots severed Yatim’s spine so NO WAY is he getting to his feet as cops later claimed! In my Canada, a dangerous LOON with a large knife is very likely going to get shot unless he is very lucky, but he ought NOT to be executed/riddled with bullets that way-and cops certainly should not have lied about it afterwards! So cops have some `splaining` to do. And the cop who did the shooting has had his day in court and been punished for those extra six shots.)

Otherwise, we will be left to believe that the SIU exists simply to protect their own.

(Frankly, that Yatim was running loose on the streets, un-diagnosed and un-medicated is the fault of LIE-berals who have failed to fund the medical system properly-they much prefer to BUY the votes of teachers- and LIE-berals have shamelessly meddled with the laws on how to handle Loons. Under LIE-beral law, Yatim could not be held in custody for his own protection and could not be forced to take drugs that would have enabled him to recognize that getting on that streetcar with the knife was a BAD idea! LIE-beral medical system abandoned him on the street and left it to cops to deal with him. Even worse, LIE-beral perversity and anti cop bigotry prevented cops from having access to Tasers or bean bag guns that would have enabled them to disarm Yatim without lethal gunfire! Police are being ordered to clean up the madness of a LIE-beral social wreck-without proper resources!)

But the BLM message, too often involves shrill, inflammatory comments, hateful tweets and questionable tactics such as bringing their anti-police brutality message to the front lawn of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s home April 1.

There are groups in this city that have been speaking out for years about police killings, black-on-black crime or shootings of innocent black victims in impoverished neighbourhoods and the targeting of black youth by police.

That’s why you can forgive Black Lives Matter TO for screaming loudly. After all, it did get Wynne’s attention.

But should screaming voices delivering an often hateful message — that gets them on the 6 p.m. news or headlines in the leftist media — be rewarded with Pride honours and City Hall awards while other groups have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for years to effect change?

(It ought to be especially questionable when the majority of people that BLM is defending seem to consider employment as Pimp. drug dealer and vendor of stolen firearms and other property to be legitimate career choices!)

What I reject is how Black Lives Matters has made it their mission to publicly smear every cop as a racist, using inflammatory us versus them rhetoric.

Take this May 18 tweet directed at Toronto police chief Mark Saunders for apparently not agreeing to meet with them in public: “Stop lying on ur ppl and do something ffs. Can only imagine what else you can’t be trusted with.”

Saunders did not want to comment but Toronto Police Service (TPS) spokesman Mark Pugash said the chief did offer twice to meet the group.

In response to the SIU decision not to charge a Peel cop in the September 2014 shooting death of Jermaine Carby, Black Lives Matter said this on May 13: “After murdering Brother Carby, cops continued to guard him with his weapon in case he was ‘playing possum’.”

Who can forget BLM co-founder Yusra Kholgali’s Feb. 9 tweet which landed her in some hot water: “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

Or consider the website of BLM’s other founder, Janaya Kahn, on which she advocates for the end of “Hotepery” — essentially a “hyper masculine patriarchal narrative that depends on the subjugation of black women and the eradication of black queer and trans people.”

(I ask you-`Hotepery`? Apparently this is Black slang and means the speaker is demonstrably NUTS! And ought not to be taken seriously!)

And what about that Pride parade that will get nearly $600,000 from three levels of government this year? That doesn’t include the in-kind policing of the event and post-event clean-up, which amounts to $300,000 or more.

This year Pride officials — while celebrating a group that has repeatedly called all cops murderers — will expect beefed-up policing at the parade post-Orlando.

Like I said, it’s all political correctness gone mad.

Slevy postmedia

(I say it is wretched LIE-beral politicians that have created BLM by their shameless social engineering designed to end `racism`; along with their misguided and irresponsible immigration system that has admitted so many minorities that lack the capacity to function effectively in our society and who foolishly believe-thanks to LIE-beral apologists- that it is racism rather than incompetence that is holding them back; coupled with utterly shameless LIE-beral vote buying tactics that are fueling the madness. BLM needs to be told to sit down and shut the **** up-AND be prevented any more access to public money, grants or public meetings with craven vote buying LIE-beral politicians! There is WAY too much money being handed to loud mouth pressure groups and its fueling their sense of entitlement while craven politicians and media *****s `boo-hoo` over their `sad` plight!)
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Hey....Tecumsehbones.....maybe now would be a good time to remind you that personal insults are NOT PERMITTED.

That's nice. You run and tell Mommy now, hear?
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That's nice. You run and tell Mommy now, hear?

You tell that to a judge!
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You tell that to a judge!

I have little patience with cowards.
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I have little patience with cowards.

And you still haunt these forums? Just look at all the cowards who want to build great big walls to protect themselves from foreign boogeymen.
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And you still haunt these forums? Just look at all the cowards who want to build great big walls to protect themselves from foreign boogeymen.

Fair point.
Curious Cdn
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I have little patience with cowards.

You are very arrogant.
RCMP riding master reassigned over horse abuse allegations | Canada | News | Tor
THAT`S GOOD T-BONES!!!! Your latest e-mail was much more polite! Mommy scares you into being more polite! But....hey T-bones.....muted rudeness does NOT constitute any sort of valid argument! Such as this below:

A pair of Toronto Sun writers have done a good job of explaining what sort of poison is being taught by special interest groups that have infiltrated our schools. These groups are using GRANT MONEY given out by LIE-beral politicians and civil service loons seeking to BUY ethnic votes. These wretched LIE-berals are more interested in grabbing power and gravy for themselves than they are in who gets SHOT on our increasingly MEAN streets! I reprint the article by Sun writers Levy and Henri below, along with some comments of my own in brackets):

Black Lives Matter Toronto misses point of protest. By Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun. First posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 06:30 PM EDT | Updated: Sunday, July 24, 2016 08:18 PM EDT

Black Lives Matter-Toronto Freedom School classroom inside a TDSB school on July 13, 2016. (Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO - An expert on the Mississippi Freedom movement of 1964 that led to desegregation and gave alienated blacks the vote says there “doesn’t seem to be any thinking” by Black Lives Matter “about how to build a movement.”

(I say: American Blacks in 1960`s had logical goals they worked towards by sensible means while BLM Toronto is a bunch of arrogant loudmouths who want EVERYTHING in life THEIR WAY-REGARDLESS of what laws all the rest of us have to live by!)

Dr. Kathy Emery, a lecturer at San Francisco State University who has written extensively on the Freedom Summer and Freedom Schools movement, says not only was the situation completely different back in 1964 — namely that blacks were being lynched, tortured and sexually abused by the police and by white citizens, and the entire state was dedicated to maintaining “white supremacy” — but she says the leaders of the Mississippi movement were trained in the history of “non-violent” action, had a strategy, and carefully “chose their targets” before engaging in the summer’s campaign.

“There was infrastructure and organization the way there doesn’t seem to be yet in the BLM movement,” says Emery, who ran her own summer Freedom School in San Francisco from 2005-2010.

“They don’t understand the history of the south Freedom movement and they don’t understand the history of nonviolence.”

I contacted two American experts last week to better ascertain what the 1964 Freedom School movement was all about and whether it has any connection — either as far as the curriculum or the rationale is concerned -— to the one initiated this summer by a member of BLM Toronto, LeRoi Newbold.

BLM Toronto and Newbold refused numerous efforts to respond to questions about the Toronto school — which runs until July 29 — but many details are available on the BLM-Toronto Facebook page (facebook-dot-com/blacklivesmatterTO).

Emery says the original Freedom Schools — there were 41 in Mississippi — were part of a summer project to attempt to “crack open” the state, which was the “heart of apartheid in the south.”

“The stuff that we see today on camera and all that, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to Mississippi in the 1960s and earlier,” says William Sturkey, whose excellent article “The 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools” was just posted online about a month ago.

Sturkey, assistant professor of history at the University of North Carolina, says the curriculum included remedial reading, writing and arithmetic, which was intertwined with teaching the students — ages 5-82 — how voting works and what it can do (to change their lives).

After attending segregated schools where the curriculum “was closely monitored” to ensure certain black history wasn’t taught, he said the Freedom School kids “were bursting with excitement” to express themselves.

Black history became a “huge part” of the Freedom School curriculum, Sturkey says, with a focus on such activists as Harriet Tubman (a former slave and abolitionist who rescued other slaves through the Underground Railroad), and Frederick Douglass and Ella Baker, both African-Amercian civil rights activists.

The students created their own newspapers, wrote stories, poems, plays and essays, and even wrote letters to the president, he says.

“They felt their voices were actually being heard.”

Sit-ins were carried out to “incite boycotts” of stores and movie theatres, for example, that still wouldn’t allow blacks to sit with whites, even after president Lyndon B. Johnson passed the civil rights act of 1964.

Sturkey said a lot of the Freedom School students that summer went to their local Woolworth’s and “just began sitting in.

“They became the first ones served at the local Woolworth’s,” says Sturkey,

These sit-ins were done to “gain sympathy” of the public, Emery adds, and not to anger people, as BLM appeared to do by disrupting Toronto’s July 3 gay Pride parade.

“The thinking (by BLM) seems to be disruption … to bring attention to the issue …but then what?” she says.

“Anger is the opposite of what you want to do … it alienates people. You have to have humour and audacity … that’s the key to success of any direct action.”

Sturkey notes that the Washington, D.C.-based Children’s Defense Fund operates a modern kind of Freedom School program (summer and after-hours) throughout the U.S. that is more focused on teaching kids to read, providing daycare, feeding kids nutritious meals, and providing a “really positive environment” in many places “where kids don’t experience a lot of positivity.”


It started two weeks ago in Toronto District School Board (TDSB) school in the west end.

The Black Lives Matter-Toronto Freedom School is being led by LeRoi Newbold, a teacher at TDSB’s Africentric school and a member of the BLM movement.

The Children’s Peace Theatre — heavily subsidized with Toronto, provincial and foundation grants and which operates out of the city-owned Massey Goulding Estate for rent of $2 a year — took out the permit for the Freedom School space. TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird says they paid approximately $3,400 for the three-week permit.

(Yeah, that`s great-a whole pile of GOVT MORONS ENCOURAGING Blacks to blame White people for ALL their troubles. As if it was White people who encouraged ignorant Black kids to drop out of school and deal drugs! And was it White people who suggested to Black dorks that it was a good idea to drive through a police radar trap or police roadblock and threaten to run down cops-and then blame cops for Black dorks getting shot? In a BLM school a car is NOT defined as a lethal weapon when a Black driver is trying to run down a White cop. BLM dorks apparently see running over cops as `social justice` and consider reverse discrimination to be fair play? And maybe this helps explain WHY cops are so willing to shoot-BEFORE they get run over and to use lethal force to stop wild drivers before they kill a member of the public?)

Newbold and the BLM organizers refused several requests for an interview about the school, its curriculum and the attendees.

(I bet that`s right! If BLM DID tell us what they were teaching there would be a HUGE outcry from DISGUSTED tax payers-and much of that anger would be directed at LIE-berals who are doing such a FINE job of undermining our society by encouraging DORKS who hate Whites and western civilization to demand `change`! But then what can we expect when the Ontari-owe LIE-beral premier dislikes men and has little use for them except as walking wallets to be LOOTED and our prime minister that stupid Boy was raised by his father to consider Canada to be IMPERIALIST! Add in the reality that LIE-berals MUST BUY civil service union votes along with whatever votes they can gather from other LUNATIC fringe groups such as BLM if they are to be elected and you have a package of values that are POISON to ordinary Cdns!)

Karen Emerson, artistic director of the Children’s Peace Theatre, would only say they were “particularly proud” to be trusteeing the Freedom School this year for BLM, whose members were “just awarded the city’s race relations award.”

But according to information posted on the BLM Facebook page, the program was designed to “engage children in political resistance to anti-black racism and state violence” — through a trans-feminist, queer-positive lens — and offer “an entry point into the #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

It appears that the students have spent their time so far making accessible playgrounds out of jinx wood, learning about resistance in Brazil, about Nanny Maroon (a Jamaican national hero) and the Haitian Revolution, cooking hominy porridge and veggie patties, and visiting the Sustenance Greenhouse at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. They also prepared drawings and notes to the incarcerated engaged in hunger strikes at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay.

(OH swell-kids writing notes to CRIMINALS on hunger strikes in Lindsay jail! And who would these poor innocent/hungry CRIMINALS be? And just what are their crimes? And would ordinary Cdns think it a good idea to persuade their kids to be sympathetic to such people? BLM thinks its none of our business and NOT our concern to know what propaganda they are stuffing into the kids in their classes! It is OBVIOUS to me that one quick way to save govt tax money is NOT to continue funding MORONS who mislead kids! But its TYPICAL LIE-beral **** that THEY decide what-if anything-to tell us about how OUR MONEY is used!)

The three-week program will end Friday with an event displaying the art of Freedom School students. (external - login to view)
================================================== ================================================== ==

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That's nice. You run and tell Mommy now, hear?

If these nutjobs don't turn me into a Liberal nothing will.
Many cops shy away from PTSD treatment | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
And then their kids end up suffering from trans-generational post-traumatic stress, which costs the taxpayer into the next generation in treating their addictions, whether to heroin, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex and every other addiction.
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You are very arrogant.

Comes with being a dick.
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Comes with being a dick.

Where's your owner?
'I am God!': Excessive force probe after witnesses say California cop roughed up
Ex-Mountie who tortured son apologizes for being ’monster’
"The 45-year-old man, who cannot be identified under a court order to protect his son’s identity, delivered the apology at the close of his sentencing hearing, telling the boy he would gladly “lay down (his) life” if it meant he could heal his son’s physical and emotional scars."

Sounds like a plan. Couldn't hurt.

I would say 23 years is appropriate. He was a cop and should have known better!

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"The 45-year-old man, who cannot be identified under a court order to protect his son’s identity, delivered the apology at the close of his sentencing hearing, telling the boy he would gladly “lay down (his) life” if it meant he could heal his son’s physical and emotional scars."

Sounds like a plan. Couldn't hurt.

Too f**king late, the damage is done!
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Too f**king late, the damage is done!

Oh. Well, in that case, no reason to imprison him, is there?
Calgary family sues over vicious police dog attack on boy | Canada | News | Toro
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Oh. Well, in that case, no reason to imprison him, is there?

I'm not so sure about that! It might prevent further someone else!
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I'm not so sure about that! It might prevent further someone else!

So would killing him. I find your logic. . . amusing.

I was going to say "interesting," but no point in lying.
Oh that poor Tecumsehbones....he has a beef with all cops and does not know what to do! He does not realize that he is is own worst enemy! Cobsider thisw T-bones:

So we have all seen the video that came out on Friday July 8/16-some poor black guy in the States-slumped over in a car while his girl friend-with a surprisingly calm demeanor-tells the cop: “sir, you just shot his arm off and I hope he ain’t dead”. And I have to say it is CHEAP *** GOVT that is to blame for this shooting!

The car-with woman driving and guy as passenger was pulled over by a LONE cop just doing his job-checking out a car with busted headlight. It’s a part of what cops are ORDERED to DO-they make sure that cars on the road are SAFE to operate! And the poor cop walked into a MESS NOT of his making.

Does anybody remember the fuss that was made in Toronto some years back when OUR cops went over to those very costly TWO MAN patrol cars? TWO cops are SAFER than one-and SO IS THE PUBLIC! How is one cop supposed to search one subject while also keeping a close eye on a possibly armed and dangerous second suspect? Does anybody remember WHY Toronto cops went to TWO MAN cars?

Picture a Toronto cop up there on a deserted and isolated stretch of Langstaff Drive-it’s a Saturday night and the cop is responding to a burglar alarm in the darkness of the deserted for the weekend industrial area. And after 30 minutes of no response to repeated radio calls, another cop is sent to investigate-and he finds the first cop face down in the snow-shot with his own gun! And NO suspect was ever charged with the unsolved murder.

And six months later TWO cops are responding to another burglar alarm in the same area and as they arrive-two suspects flee into the night in opposite directions and the cops split up and pursue-with one cop cornering his suspect against a chain link fence-with a stolen VCR in hand. The ground is muddy and in the process of arresting the suspect, the cop slips and the gun goes off and bullet strikes the black guy in the hip.

Its an accident of course-such things happen when you are running around in the dark with a loaded gun-which cops MUST have for their security especially as a cop had been MURDERED six months previous in pretty much that exact spot!

But the special tragedy of this shooting is that the guy who got shot in the hip was simply killing time while WAITING FOR NBA TRAINING CAMP TO OPEN! And now he has a permanent LIMP! Yes-the stupid ****** had been accepted to try out for the NBA in a few months time! A couple of good years with NBA and the dumb bastard could have BOUGHT the company that MADE the damned vcr and as a result of greed and stupidity he is crippled! What kind of moron takes that sort of risk to steal a vcr when all he has to do is wait a few months and the world will be at his feet?

Or the other Toronto example-two ******s out joy-riding in a stolen car-a two door model- in the infamous Jane/Finch area. And they spot some pals-a guy and his girlfriend walking down the street and pull over and offer a ride. Guy and girl get in the back of the stolen car that they will later tell cops they DID NOT KNOW THEIR FRIENDS HAD STOLEN-and off they go-with the two car thieves sitting up front.

And the numbskulls breeze through a radar trap-there is a little chase and they get pulled over by a single cop. The cop approaches the driver side door and suddenly the two ****** thieves bolt-doors flung open and front passenger can get out easily but driver cannot as cop has reacted and pushed back the door. Confusion reins-guys screaming, girl shrieking-the dumb broad and her boy pal in back of the two door car have clued in that they don’t want to be found in the car and are struggling to get out as well. The cop is playing `wack a moll` with doors opening and closing and people struggling and he pulls his gun ON FOUR SUSPECTS-not knowing what he is dealing with or if he will be attacked.

Driver turns and tries to scramble out passenger door and guy in back is trying to get out the same way when cop comes round to slam that door shut-there is a shoving match and cops gun fires-and the single bullet strikes the girlfriend-the last person still in the car-it’s a serious wound from which she will eventually recover. And of course there is a big kerfuffle with stupid ******s whining about trigger happy cops.

And our CRAVEN COWARD politicians want to appease the ******s! The cop was just doing his job. Those speed limit laws and “please don’t steal that car” laws exist for a REASON! And MOST of us more or less understand why!

The truth is that way too many LONE cops have been injured or killed when they faced off against multiple suspects and it is for this reason that govt started to set up TWO MAN CARS! But that was then and this is now and we are STONY BROKE-both Cdns and Yankees. Our shameless govt NEEDS every penny to BUY votes to ensure their re-election! There is NO money for more cops. There is NO money to do a more thorough search at the border to reduce the number of smuggled guns. There is no money to put really dangerous criminals in jail for a LONG time-like till they are too old and slow and senile to be a threat! And there is certainly no money for two man patrol cars-that IDEA HAS DIED in spite of the safety and security value of it!

As long as lone cops are sent out to deal with multiple suspects there will continue to be these tragic and TERROR MOTIVATED shootings! For a lone cop it’s a case of better shoot first in the confusion and be safe and sorry than DEAD in a ditch!

Two cops can deal with MULTIPLE suspects with one cop searching for and removing weapons and the other cop standing guard to ensure there will be no sudden movements! But one cop alone with multiple suspects is going to be fearful and trigger happy- for his own safety! And people will die-or get their arm shot off while lone cops try to do the work of TWO!

My absolute favorite `what was he thinking` story is this one: An Oshawa Ont track star was wanted by police but-being quick-cops could not catch him. Cue the canine unit-cop spots the guy walking on the street and calls him over-guy speeds off and cop shrugs and lets out the dog.

Dog quickly catches comparatively not so speedy felon and has him down-snarling and ripping at the guys pant leg-when the 15 year old younger brother of the felon spots this situation and pulls out his piece and FIRES A WARNING SHOT INTO THE AIR-to warn the cop to call off the dog or its going to get shot. And now the cops has TWO pea brained felons to deal with. And there is another real good reason why citizens are getting shot with increasing frequency by cops-the brainless doorknobs don’t have the sense to deal intelligently with cops any more!

Blame it on fluoridated water? Blame it on drugs? Blame it on fetal alcohol syndrome? Blame it on bad parents? Blame it on crappy schools? Blame it on vote buying-*** kissing LIE-berals and hug a thug judges? Whatever the reason-the younger generation too often become drooling idiots when faced with a cop simply doing his job! And people are dying because they don’t know how to behave while being detained for some good reason!

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Comes with being a dick.

Former cop who watched child porn jailed for a year | Toronto & GTA | News | Tor
'I've embarrassed and humiliated myself' | MANDEL | Toronto & GTA | News | Toron

Canada's capital is a small sleepy city of less than a million. Its average annual murder rate is only 10. That's a weekend in Chicago. But last year something strange happened to Ottawa's murder rate.

It shot up to 24 homicides.

The last two murders were of Somali Muslim sisters Asma and Nasiba. Their murderer was their brother, Musab A-Noor. Despite the obvious history of Muslim honor killings of women, often carried out by brothers against their sisters, Musab was found "unfit" to stand trial. A director at the Somali Centre for Family Services insisted that Somali settlers in the city need more mental health funding.

Something certainly seems to be needed.

There were an estimated 66,000 Muslim settlers in the Ottawa - Gatineau metropolitan area. Despite forming some 5 percent of the population, they are startlingly overrepresented in Ottawa's murders.

2016 in Ottawa ended with a Muslim murder in December and it began with a Muslim murder in January. Mohamed Najdi was killed by five other Muslim men. Mohamed had probably been shot in connection with the 2015 shooting of yet another Muslim man by an accused killer named Mohammad.

And we mustn't confuse Mohamed with Mohammad.

The other Mohammad, a Kuwaiti immigrant, had been a suspect in multiple shootings the previous year and had spent two years in prison for sexual assault.

At January's end, Marwan Arab, Ottawa's second homicide victim, was shot, along with his cousin. Both men were members of the Algonquin Muslim Students Association. One of the Arab cousins allegedly had links to a terror suspect. The shooting led to more arrests of Muslims for plotting another attack.

In March, Christina Voelzing became Ottawa's sixth murder victim. The 24-year-old Algonquin college student was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Behnam Yaali. Yaali, a drug smuggler, was represented by a lawyer who also specializes in refugee law.

Twenty-four hours after almost being allowed to walk free after pleading guilty to robbery, Idris Abdulgani was arrested for murdering Lonnie Leafloor, a 56-yearold former truck driver, by stabbing him in the back of the neck.

And that was Ottawa's seventh murder.

Of the first seven murders in Ottawa, six involved Muslims as victims or perpetrators and one is ambiguous. Almost half of the total murders in Ottawa last year involved Muslims. The same had also been true for the previous year.

Meanwhile in 2014, Ottawa witnessed a Muslim honor killing and the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill by Abdallah Bulgasem Zehaf, a Libyan Muslim terrorist, whose actions were blamed on, predictably enough, mental illness. Abdallah had wanted peace, but argued that, "There can't be world peace until there's only Muslims." There can't, apparently for that matter, be peace in Ottawa with Muslims.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a vehement advocate of Muslim colonization, had declared that Canada was the "first postnational state".

"There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada," the radical leftist leader had insisted.

But in the rest of Ottawa, outside the prime minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive, the postnational state is measured out in bullets. Ottawa has seen its deadliest killing sprees in decades. And a disturbing percentage of these horrifying crimes have links to organized Muslim gang violence either through the victim or the perpetrator. Ottawa's gang violence is beginning to resemble Chicago on a smaller scale.

The postnational state is a place where a Somali or a Kuwaiti can come to Canada and kill. It's a vacuum with no "core identity" and no "mainstream" that is being filled by violence exported from abroad.

When the 2016 murder rate was only at 7, Ottawa's Major Crime Unit was already stretched thin. Imagine it at 24. In 2016, Ottawa was still struggling with the 2006 murder of drug dealer Mohamed Zalal. The case of his Muslim killer has been dragging on for a decade. Meanwhile Canada is still trying to deport accused Al Qaeda sleeper agent Mohamed Harkat. Harkat was first arrested in 2002.

(But let's not confuse these Mohameds with those Mohammeds.)

Superintendent Don Sweet of the Ottawa police has warned that the murder spike may be a "new normal". But that new normal is what life in the capital of a postnational state with open borders looks like.

And murder is only at the very extreme tip of the bloody iceberg.

The ByWard market has become a magnet for violence. One summer weekend saw six stabbing victims. Police arrested Mohamed Hamed Mohamed and Ali Abbari. Mohamed already appeared to have been arrested in the Arab shooting case earlier that year. In the fall, ByWard saw a shooting, a beating and a stabbing.

Also last year, three Muslim men in Ottawa were sentenced for trying to join ISIS. Another Ottawa Muslim fighting with ISIS was accused of sending a death threat through Facebook. In the Blair Transitway attack, two Muslims were among those charged with the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl.

But enough is never enough for the left.

Ottawa has its own "Little Syria" where over a thousand migrants have been dumped. The mass migration quickly overwhelmed local resources. And the Muslim migrants have become a burden on food banks. There are already tens of thousands of Somali settlers in Ottawa forming their own outpost.

A good deal of the Muslim gang violence emerges from Somalis as well as other Muslim refugees. And Somali gang violence is a terrifying problem that has scarred Canadian and American cities.

Syrian Muslim migrant dumping will add another level to the violence and terror that already exists.

"When we think about integration and success we can't be overly impatient," Justin Trudeau insisted.

And so the grand postnational experiment, with its associated terror plots, shootings, stabbings and rapes continues. And Canadians mustn't be impatient at being occasionally shot or stabbed. You can't integrate a colonial Islamic population without breaking a lot of Canadian skulls.

This experiment has troubling implications for the United States and for the rest of the world.

Canada's liberal migration policies have a history of spilling over into Islamic terror attacks against America like the LAX bombing plot. And the transformation of a nation into a postnational disaster shows the consequences of opening borders and closing minds all too clearly.

Last year, Obama declared, "We need more Canada." As America and Europe move toward sane national policies, the left has held up Canada's ignorant leader as an exemplar of post-nationalism.

Meanwhile in the morgues and cemeteries of Canada's capital, the prisons and hospitals, the horrifying human cost of the post-national experiment is all too tragically clear.

A Muslim Murder Spree in Canada (external - login to view)

There might be a reason some cops are going a little crazy! Imagine having to go through your work day with LIE-beral hug a thug judges leaning over your shoulder looking for ANY excuse to blame YOU for their multicultural immigration mess! And then consider that LIE-berls are screwing with police hiring practices by doing such things as demanding Ottawa cops HIRE a Somali refugee onto the force-and the guy has at least TWO FORGED sets of identity papers and is implicated in various possible crimes in other jurisdictions! But our LIE-beral overlords see nothing wrong with appeasing potential criminals in exchange for power! Consider:

Here is a nice story about why our police service costs so much to operate. The Toronto Sun column is set out below, along with some comments of my own in brackets):

Disgrace that suspended cop's been collecting salary for 9 years

By Michele Mandel, Toronto Sun. First posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 09:30 PM EDT | Updated: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 09:37 PM EDT

TORONTO - For a lucky nine years, Toronto Police Const. Ioan-Florin Floria has been sitting at home and drawing his salary while suspended from duty on allegations he used his position to assist his friends in an Eastern European drug cartel.

Almost a decade has passed since the former traffic cop was swept up in a shocking drug bust that saw the alleged kingpins of a Romanian gang under arrest for an international operation that swapped marijuana for cocaine.

Floria, a 34-year-old breath technician with eight years experience, was charged with numerous offences including breach of trust, money laundering and accessory after the fact to kidnapping. Police at the time said they were surprised when Floria’s name surfaced in association with some of the other accused in their eight-month investigation into the multimillion-dollar drug cartel.

Former chief Bill Blair could barely conceal his contempt at the time and assured the public that police corruption was not widespread. Floria would later complain that even his police association distanced itself and wouldn’t pay for his defense.

A jury acquitted him on all charges in 2012.

But Floria was far from in the clear. He was charged with 11 offences under the Police Act — six have since been withdrawn — and his disciplinary hearing has slowly been winding its way through the system. The prosecution is nearing completion: The defense is expected to get underway next month and the hearing completed by the end of the year.

“It has been a lengthy process but it’s been a rather complicated case, with many legal issues to deal with. The case is progressing, but is progressing more slowly than the service would like,” said police spokesman Meaghan Gray.

And still Floria collects his salary. The current annual rate for a first-class constable is $96,000; nine-years' worth of escalating paycheques must amount to at least three-quarters of a million dollars — all thanks to taxpayers like me and you.

It’s an absolute disgrace. (And this bill does NOT calculate legal costs!)

(I say that Floria certainly sounds utterly unsuited to remain on the Metro Police Force even if he is acquitted of all charges as his character is now hopelessly tainted-his testimony in any future case involving drugs or immigrants will appear untrustworthy!)

The serious charges he faces under the Police Act are similar to the ones he beat in criminal court: On Nov. 18, 2005, Floria met with S.T., a fellow Romanian-Canadian, who worked for a marijuana grow-op. S.T. told the officer he’d been kidnapped and tortured and only released after his boss paid the kidnappers $200,000. Floria is alleged to have advised the man not to seek treatment for his injuries and not report it to police as he’d investigate it himself.

He never did. At his trial, the Crown contended Floria purposely derailed the investigation to cover for friends he suspected were involved. The traffic cop insisted S.T. had fabricated the whole thing.

On Dec. 23, 2005, another acquaintance told him about a second beating and kidnapping of a couple from a North York banquet hall by people who spoke Romanian. Once again, police allege Floria failed to report the crime and “suppressed information that would have prevented the ongoing forcible confinement, torture and sexual assault” of the couple.

At his trial, Floria testified that he never knew that two of his close friends were members of this drug gang and denied acting on their behalf. Yet he’s charged under the Police Act with using his authority more than 70 times between 2000 and 2006 to access and disclose confidential data from CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) while not on official police business.

He is also accused of advising a friend on how to launder crime money: He allegedly told him to register a business as a tradesman and Floria would accept his illegal drug money and then pay him back with cheques from his account to “give the appearance that G.T. was being reimbursed as a tradesman for building renovations.”

Floria, who has always protested his innocence, could not be reached. His lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Ontario remains the only province in the country that prevents its police chiefs from suspending officers without pay. At the rate Floria’s disciplinary hearing is going, this allegedly bad cop will have collected a decade’s worth of salary before he could be shown the door.

(I say Mandel is right-the case is an utter disgrace! How can it possibly take nine years to deal with this dogs breakfast? The REEK of CORRUPTION and collusion between the accused cop and his PALS is HUGE! And what of the Judge in the matter? Should we ask if LIE-beral oriented `hug a thug` judges are DEMANDING a ridiculous standard of proof before conviction?)

(There was a case in Vancouver that illustrates the hug a thug judge attitude: An RCMP officer staked out an apartment building where drug dealing was suspected of taking place. Several young black guys were observed loitering around the building entrance. With pedestrians occasionally approaching and apparently handing off small items-believed to be lumps of cash-to the black `door keepers`.)

(Once the cash was paid, a `door keeper` would go upstairs to a certain apartment and enter-only to emerge a moment later with a small package in hand which he carried down to the street and passed to the waiting pedestrian-with the package presumed to be drugs.)

(RCMP got a search warrant and grabbed the `door keepers and found cash and drugs on them. Then RCMP went upstairs and broke into the apartment where a LARGE quantity of drugs and cash was found. The occupants were all arrested, convicted and jailed.)

(The drug dealing occupants served their time and were released-and went right back to drug dealing-with THE SAME MOUNTIE staking out the new lair! RCMP sought another search warrant but it was DENIED by LIE-beral hug a thug judge-stating that Mounties had not obtained their information by conventional investigative methods but had relied on special inside information and prior knowledge of the lifestyle of the accused-search warrant DENIED!)

(Or the case of the cops searching a fancy Mercedes sports car parked on a mean street near Marlee Ave-and looking VERY out of place in such an area. The driver appeared nervous and agitated when approached by 2 cops. Cops also reported a strong chemical smell coming from the car-a stench they associate with drugs. A search of the car turned up several kilograms of Cocaine and driver was arrested.)

(At trial driver explained that it was NOT his car-he had borrowed it from his brother. The brother was in the condo renovation business-and would now be a good time to remind people that organized crime is HEAVILY involved in Toronto real estate-and often uses real etstate deals to launder drug money? The driver was a Toronto school board teacher on a disability pension-and yet had helped brother renovate and sell 37 condos-more chicanery at tax payer cost!)

(At trial the search of the car was deemed unlawful as the strong chemical smell the cops claimed had been emanating from the cocaine was now gone-one has to ask-had all the volatile chemicals KNOWN to be used to refine cocaine simply evaporated during the 2 year lead up to the trial? No matter-and no excuse-case dismissed.)

(Is it any wonder the `war on drugs` is being LOST? Either Heroin and Crack and Meth and `Oxy`, etc are dangerous plagues or they are not? Cops tell us that over 80 percent of all crime in Toronto is committed over drugs. People shoplifting and stealing to pay for their next hit, burglaries and break ins for the same reason, stabbings and gun fights to settle ownership of turf. All the medical money spent trying to get addicts to kick their bad habits, plus the welfare costs. We don’t want the innocent to be railroaded-a fair trial is a good trial. But one has to ask if the standard of evidence demanded of a LIE-beral minded judge would be deemed excessive by the average Cdn? Just how much proof do some of our LIE-beral minded judges require before they will condemn an accused? And how much pressure are our judges under to AVOID sending MORE criminals to our already over crowded jails?)

(Could we make our streets safer and reward thugs with the jail time they deserve if LIE-beral govt was not so obsessed with shoveling gravy into civil service union Hog pockets- to the detriment and delay of so many other necessary tasks?)

(A fair and honest trial is our right and privilege as Cdns....but so is a trial on a timely schedule-and NINE YEARS AIN’T IT! What the hell are they doing with their time and OUR money?)

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