High Ontario Furnace Oil Prices

I'm trying to get a table of current furnace oil prices in eastern ontario and can't seem to get straight answers from the web. I just heard prices are way out the ballpark this year. Hope not, I not working and I need good prices. Where's the ombudsman when we need him?

Anyone get fleeced so far? How close is straight deisel prices to fuel oil prices.? If I need to I'll hunt around and fill up the best I can.

Something else came to my mind this time of year with christmas and soup kitchens and such. Don't laugh but why can't we have a
"fuel kitchen" for the low wage and poor wage earners?. This way we can get the super rich fuel industries to donate a few million barrels and we can go and pick it up in approved receptacles. This way we can learn which supplier really has the "Canadian" best interest for their countryman.

Catus Jack
Andy, I hate to sound pessimistic, but if there is an ombudsman for fuel oil, he is probably in cahoots with the oil industry. I have read a report that the average cost of heating with oil this winter will cost $3800.00, yep, three thousand eight hundred bucks, not pocket change.

ps. Oh Andy, A pessimist is just an optimist who knows the truth.
Living in Canada isn't cheap. 44% of energy consumed by Canadians is for home heating.

Soon single family dwellings will be a thing of the past, Meet your new Conmrade roomates Ivan and Nadia Borichevskiy and there two kids Petr and Katia, elderly Comrades Stanislav and Olga Kramarenko, and Comrades Metro and Sophia Tsirempilov and their 8 children who you'll be sharing your 3 bedroom home with to go Green.

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