A Word of Caution About Traveling in the US

If you are having heart attack like symptoms and are taken to the hospital, treated and released and have a heart attack 2 seconds after you walk out the door of the hospital, your insurance may not cover you. An acquaintance of mine has a son in school in the U.S. He went to the hospital after becoming ill. He was treated and released (they still are not sure what the problem was)

Their broker (who happens to be a friend of theirs) told them that because he was "treated and released" by the hospital the insurance company now sees this as a pre-existing condition and will no longer cover him for a similar problem. Their friend told them they should get him back to Canada ASAP.

Make sure you know what your policy says if you are traveling and fight like hell to remain under a doctors supervision.
If you're rich it doesn't matter.

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