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.......and here is to many more.

I thought I would give you some info on BC. I live in the North Okanagan near Vernon and Salmon Arm. There are not many jobs here. Rents here in Vernon, Salmon Arm are about the same as the lower mainland. Now one place that may be a good possibility is Kamloops. They have a few mines in and around that area and that seems to keep the economy strong. A big gold and coppermine is opening up 12 kms, west of Kamloops is opening up in 2012, so that helps that area. I , myself have thought about moving too from where I am, as it is quite depressed in this area. Rents in Kamloops , again are pretty well the same as everywhere else. I dont know what you require . I bedroom apt, is about 650.00 3 bedroom place , like a half duplex can be anywhere from 800.00 and up. I find rents in BC not much different than anywhere else in Canada. You could say that other provinces have caught up to BC in that regard. Another place that is not so bad, if you are thinking of the lower mainland is Chilliwack. Lots of jobs there and rents are the same as where I am. When i was growing up there , there wasnt much but Chilliwack has really attrtacted new busiinesses in the last 10 years. It rains a lot there, like everywhere else on the lower mainland. and there is more crime than where I live. I would say Kamloops is one of youe best bets if You dont want to live on the mainland. But Kamloops gets pretty hot in the summer. its very desert like there. Lots of sage brush. But you are close to our gorgeous lakes in the okanagan. I myself, really like Salmon Arm too. It would be helpful to know what kind of work you do. If you are a care aid you can get a job anywhere in BC. I hope this helps..