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confused_ mom
I have 16 yr old son leaving with friends and the government want me to sign a caregiver consent, should i sign it?confused mom
Dexter Sinister
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That's not enough information to make a judgment. What's really going on? For instance, where is he going, for how long, to do what, who arranged this, will there be adult supervision, why is government involved, what does the caregiver consent form ask you to consent to, and will he be prevented from going if you don't sign it?
Ron in Regina
#3 questions are almost the same as those of Dexter Sinister (external - login to view) .

Quote: Originally Posted by confused_ momView Post

I have 16 yr old son leaving with friends and the government want me to sign a caregiver consent, should i sign it?confused mom

Leaving with Friends to where, for how long, under what conditions, and
the Government (?) wants you to sign a caregiver consent?

What Government? What department at what level for what reason? Not
enough information to comment on.
Leaving home? They are trying to shaft you out of CTC.
Did you mean that you have a 16 year old son living with friends and someone working with the government wants you to sign a caregiver consent? I think that means that you are placing your child in foster care.

It looks like something to do with custody of a child. I think you should probably discuss this with your 16 year old son and make sure that he understands what's going on. I have a 16 year old son and he would not be happy if I did something like that without discussing it with him.

"For further information on the Model for Coordination of Services, the Individual Support Services Planning process and the Child/Youth profile, see or contact the Social Worker responsible for the child care centre/home.
Parental/caregiver consent is required and shall be maintained on file at the child care centre/home if professional involvement is requested by the operator/provider for any purpose (e.g., to initiate the ISSP process, to access existing ISSP documentation, to observe, document and/or provide child-specific programming/intervention) to support inclusion of an individual child. See Appendix D:
Consent to Release Information Form."

Go to page 39 in this document:

Dexter Sinister
I wonder what it means that she hasn't come back 7 hours after posting the question.
If I had to guess, I would say that her son has been staying with friends and someone from Social Services is encouraging her to hand her son into foster care. That's a rather serious decision, and she should understand all the circumstances and facts before signing that type of document. The upside is that the family where he is staying will receive financial compensation, the downside is that he doesn't come home again until the age of 18 unless the social worker says so. I would absolutely include the 16 year old son in the decision and ensure that he understands all the reasons and considerations in play. I would also ensure that he has a voice now and thoughout the process.
Dexter Sinister
That seems a pretty good guess to me, and that's good advice too. And you even know some advanced mathematics! Pretty impressive, wish I knew you in real life.
I'm very careful about who I meet in real life ... perhaps something every confused mom should think about. Likewise
It's possible confused mom intended to say her child was going to be leaving the country with friends. If so, she would need to sign a parental or caregiver consent probviding permission for the child to leave in the company of someone other than the parents. In fact, even if the child is leaving the country with one parent, they are still required to provide a signed consent from the other parent. forms and additional info. (external - login to view)
lone wolf
Vague intel is subject to speculation - and fuel for some really long-running daytime TV....

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