"guys, is it difficult for you to put your hands together?"


The public etiquette is a hot issue now in Korea. a Korean girl wrote her opinion on a free board that guys should have their hands together at the subway.

Another girl who agree with her also said, "I got upset about the grandpa next me, he was standing at attention. but he punched my butt repeatedly with his clenched fist.

I guess, he just pretended to be swayed by subway running " Seeing this, Korean guys are saying, "We have be tutankhaman at the subway? NO WAY" Just Funny. Watching Korean news, I guess, Some perverts in Korea have an ability to molest even with having their hands together. their technology is so progressed. lol

[Another News]

SEOUL, July 7 (Yonhap) -- Korea Midland Power Co., a unit of South Korea's state-run power monopoly Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO), said Thursday that it has signed an agreement with three other companies to build and manage a hydroelectric power plant in northern Vietnam.

The agreement calls for Korea Midland Power and the three partners to jointly construct and operate a 40-megawatt hydroelectric power plant along the Nam Muc River in Dien Bien Province, some 300 kilometer west of Hanoi.

they did a good job.
Seriously, wtf is the topic? It goes on about two different topics.

Ok, let's focus on the first report.... so there's a bunch of old perverts in Korea and some want men to, what....... fold their hands and keep them in their laps like little children who don't behave & punch their brother in the back seat?

Ok.... how does that relate to any of us, and how are we supposed to fomulate an educated opinion on this subject, based on one example of an old man who punched some girl in the **** that was assumed to be a way of getting a feel?
Honestly, I don't see how this is a "Hot Topic"...
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Honestly, I don't see how this is a "Hot Topic"...

I would guess that the 'hot topic' is the hot buns of the person who was being pinched.
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