Orthodox Jewish men keep delaying flights by refusing to sit next to women

Free herpes.
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Why were they not removed from the plane?
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I always wonder seeing stories like this just how different they are from Extremist Muslims and Extremist Christians.

I see no difference.

Religion of Peace..... Oh wait.
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Why were they not removed from the plane?

customer service, poor press, chosen lack of understanding by the public and bashing the airline, loss of future business from all sides...limited time to respond best, people on the plane getting p*ssed

pick a reason, pick multiple reasons...they had them over a barrel
Maybe its another ploy by BHO to raise taxes.
WSJ: Obama Uses Flight Delays as Political Scare Tactic (external - login to view)
At the time of being booked the airline is not going to ask are you a conservative Jew?
Can you imagine the howling that would take place? No special treatment if they don't
want the seat kick their *** of the plane and no refund Go one step further if it were a
slight against black people, of Jews or Asians or anyone else there would be hell to pay.
Why can this group have special privileges? Its time to crack down everyone should be
treated the same

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