Don't Eat the Meat!

I'm sure everyone has heard about this by now, but just in case...

Health officials confirmed Wednesday that one person has died and at least 16 others got sick from listeriosis.
As of Wednesday, some 23 products, including a variety of turkey, smoked meat and roast beef products, were subject to a recall.
The Public Health Agency of Canada said 17 cases of the Listeria monocytogenes strain have been identified across Canada, including 13 in Ontario, two in B.C., one in Saskatchewan and one in Quebec. No further details about the person who died in Ontario have been disclosed.
Brand names for the recalled products include Schneiders, Sure Slice, Deli Gourmet and Burns Bites. A complete list of affected products is available on both the Maple Leaf Foods website and that of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Guess it's peanut butter for sandwiches from now on.
All of that factory processed stuff is dangerous, what the hell is it anyway?
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All of that factory processed stuff is dangerous, what the hell is it anyway?

Lips & assholes, Beaver, lips and assholes.

Not .......Beaver you got it.

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It seems there are more and more cases of contaminated food being taken off the shelves(usually too late, and people become ill). I wonder what the cause(s) would be?
Just the Facts
Yeah I heard about that yesterday. Then last night I bought a hunk of Polish Kobassa.

Wolfed it down for lunch today.

I need to remember to be more attentive.
Just the Facts
Whew, I think I'm OK (external - login to view)
im still ok.
lone wolf
If you wake up dead, be sure to let us know....
The feds are planning on leaving all the meat inspections to private industry,so plan on getting food poisoning in the near future.
I don't know about that, I've gone to private industry for meat for years.

Both my uncle the farmer and my grandfather the butcher are private organizations after all.

On the one hand the government is said to be an evil organization bent to oppress us, on the other hand only by cutting out the average citizen and letting this same evil government run everything can we be safe?
Clearly what we need is hairsuit wearing co-op food inspectors who have been raised in a dark cave by socialists and are impervious to corruption.And better factory disinfectants.
lone wolf
Where is the overlap/gap between federal and provincial inspection standards?
lone wolf
CTV news reports the vultures are circling already. A firm of lawyers are trying to get some suck ... er ... clients together for a class action lawsuit.

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