No deal: Some brands make lower-quality products just for outlet stores: investigatio

No deal: Some brands make lower-quality products just for outlet stores: investigation
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First posted: Friday, January 08, 2016 05:58 PM EST | Updated: Friday, January 08, 2016 06:07 PM EST
Some bargain prices at outlet stores are cheap for a reason: the products may be lower quality than those at the retail stores, a CBC investigation has found.
Outlets were traditionally a place for retailers to sell goods that didn't fly off the shelves last season, get rid of overstock, or sell off factory seconds. But now, many retailers are manufacturing specific lines of clothing for their outlet shops which may not be the same quality consumers expect from higher-end brands, according to the findings of CBC show Marketplace.
"The quality of products at outlets varies widely. Remember, this stuff was largely made just to be sold cheaply." Mark Ellwood, a New York City-based shopping expert and author of Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World, told CBC.
Marketplace compared similar products from several popular outlet and retail stores. While some products at outlets look very similar to items sold at retail stores, many are made with lower-quality materials.
There are some ways to see if you're getting a deal when you're shopping. Marketplace found that some brands use different labels on products made specifically for retail and outlet stores.
Marketplace found that, when asked, staff at outlet stores could often identify which products were made specifically for outlets and which ones were discontinued items from the retail store.
No deal: Some brands make lower-quality products just for outlet stores: investi
Curious Cdn
By the way, those outlet malls are identical cookie cutter units and those along with the dedicated products being sold in them are all part of their business plan.

Four or five years ago, I was flown down to El Paso Texas to oversee the solution to a construction problem in a brand new outlet mall. Three years later, I walked into a newly constructed outlet mall up the road here in Oakville and it is IDENTICAL and I mean, exactly the same. The food court is identical. The play area for the kids, the pink stucco on the walls .... absolutely the same. Some of the store are even in the same relative location. This whole making effort is planned out to a tee. That the products old in the malls are made specifically for them does not surprise me. The purchasing, planning is clearly done down in the States, though and our low dollar must be playing havoc with their plan up here. We can't afford to buy American goods up here. Maybe, they will produce an even cheaper Canadian line for the outlets here so that they maintain their margins.
If everyone read the book No Logo, they would never pay for a brand name......

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