Microsoft pays woman $10,000 for forcing Windows 10 installation

A lot of people have complained about Microsoft's aggressive Windows 10 installation (external - login to view) strategy. One person has actually gotten some resolution: according to The Seattle Times (external - login to view), Microsoft is paying $10,000 to Teri Goldstein, who runs a travel agency in California, over an automatic Windows 10 installation.

Goldstein claims that Windows 10 installed itself on her work computer without her permission. Her PC apparently couldn't function after that, so she sued Microsoft for lost wages and compensation to replace her computer. She won the case, according to the Times, and Microsoft decided to drop its appeal last month, deciding instead to just pay the judgement.

In a brief statement, a Microsoft spokesperson says that it "dropped its appeal to avoid the expense of further litigation." It's unclear what Microsoft might do if others decide to bring similar suits over Windows 10's upgrade system. There have been quite a few complaints since last summer, when Microsoft first started bugging people to update. Those prompts will finally be going away (external - login to view) next month.

Microsoft pays woman $10,000 for forcing Windows 10 installation | The Verge (external - login to view)

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According to cbc news, Microsoft has a birthday present for Windows 10 users: more capabilities for its Cortana digital assistant and new ways to ditch passwords.

The company is also changing the notices it sends to users of previous versions, following complaints that it was too aggressive in pushing them to get the free Windows 10 upgrade.

Microsoft's "Anniversary Update," scheduled for release Aug. 2, will let users activate Cortana with a spoken command ("Hey Cortana") even while their screen has gone into sleep mode. Cortana will be able to recall more types of information, such as frequent flier numbers or parking locations. Users can also ask Cortana to remember specific photos, such as a wine bottle to buy again later.

For devices that allow sign-ins with a biometric identifier, such as facial recognition, the update will extend that capability to third-party websites and apps, so users won't have to remember separate passwords.

Other new features include Windows Ink, which will let users with a digital stylus add hand-written notes or reminders and draw on documents, maps or other apps. Video gamers will be able to start playing on an Xbox One console or a Windows 10 PC and resume on another device without losing their progress.
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Anything is better than 8. Windows 7 forever.
Gxf control panel seems to keep the automatic windows 10 crap out and off
Win10 is touchscreen orientated, that is the direction that every OS will be. If you don't like Win10 lean how to install Android as that is what all phones run on so most people already know all the in's and out's and with more people running it the more free apps will be available which is normal for a Linux based OS. You still need a touchpad or a touchscreen to take full advantage of all the features. Perhaps WIN10 is a pain just to drive the 'public' to Androids OS and Win will stay with the Wall St crowd as they don't get any garbage.
I left Microsoft for sunny ways 10 years ago because of stuff like this.
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Bring back, bring back, bring back my Windows XP
Windows 10 is the best OS they've made.
Anyone using windows gets what they deserve.
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