Bell canada fails

I will start this by saying "In a perfect world" we would not need competition
for the big three to handle. However, the big three are neither ethical or for
that matter honest, with their customers and Canadians.
That being said this is a case where we should open the field to competition.
If the CRTC won't allow the foreign groups in these companies should be
allowed to buy up the little guys and drop prices for service to levels that are
The big three companies don't work with customers the collectively try to
bully them and that goes for cable televsion as well. The time has come they
faced competition that has potential to bully the big three for a change.
The three big servers suck quite frankly and its time someone in authority took
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I already told you what I use it for in a single word, you don't like my explanation, tough shyte. I have yet to see anyone explain a single word capitalized in a sentence.

So it is a Gerry rule. Just wanted to clarify that.
Finally! I can't wait to threaten to cancel my bell Internet, and phone,
And see them squirm like the little worms they are to keep me as a customer.

I read threw whole post rcs and I can sympathies a great deal with you.
With my similar experience's I've decided to never again purchase anything with a contract.
Haven't bought a cell phone wi a contract or any other deal with a contract in the last 8 years.

I recently experienced compatibility problems with Microsoft, and have moved on to their competitors.

I love competition.
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the laptop wasn't recognizing my Bell mobility stick.

bell always sticks it to the customer.

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he checked the modem THAT THE BASTARDS HAD JUST SENT ME. it was broken.

giving the customer defective products is bell's modemus operandi.

when bell's internet software was installed it caused the speakers to continuously click.
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More competition will mean better rates for for Canadians. I don`t care how they want to spin it. It`s a fact.

Bell is wasting no time.

OpenMedia has learned that the day after the federal election, the telecom giant began ramming forward an obscure, little-used Parliamentary procedure to overturn customer protection rules we helped win earlier this year.

If successful, Bell could kill Canada's smaller and more affordable Internet providers so they can price-gouge you at will. And you donít have to be a Bell customer Ė this will impact everyone.

This is an Internet Emergency. With the new government sworn in last week, we don't have a moment to lose. Tell the new government to reject Bellís underhanded, price-gouging scheme NOW before itís too late (external - login to view).

Bell is using an obscure, rarely-invoked government procedure to destroy pro-customer Internet choice rules that ensure a wide range of Internet service providers (ISPs) can sell Canadians innovative, affordable Internet services in Canada.

What weíre talking about here is fair, open-access rules that allow indie ISPs like TekSavvy to sell services on cutting edge fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure. This year, the CRTC announced new rules that would ensure small provider have a chance of selling services on fibre networks at rates that are fair for all parties.

Why is this important? Because without more providers in the marketplace, it is hard to imagine how prices will ever come down.

I wonder why they think they can get this through on the Liberal watch?

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