Harper accuses Bloc of 'playing politics' on backs of soldiers

CBC News
Prime Minister Stephen Harper attacked the Bloc Québécois Tuesday, calling its threat to topple the government over Afghanistan nothing more than political opportunism.

I think it is ironic that the leader of a party that wants to split from Canada wants to call the shots on foriegn affairs. Sure,there is men from Quebec in the CANADIAN armed forces,but they volunteered to fight for Canada not the Bloc.Perhaps gilles doesn't understand that reconstruction goes a lot quicker when you are not being shot at. Gilles should join little yellow jack and go negotiate with the terrorists.
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Not all that ironic really. Separtists only want the spoils of war, not the casulties.

This our fault for allowing these bums to sit in the house of commons.

It's always political opportunism. It was no different when the Conservatives tried to topple the Liberals till lovely Belinda skuttled their plans. Unless the current goverment is working against the interest of the country and trying to install a one party system then it will always be opportunism. I will admit having the Bloc as Her Majesty's "Loyal" Opposition is a joke. Having won in Quebec the Bloc should have refused to sit in Ottawa as a matter of principal. It just shows they are out milk the system for cushy MP pensions and perks.
Hopefully,this little ploy by Duceppe doesn't give the french a reputation for being cowards.
Wallyj you made me spit my hot chocolate out on the key board with that witty post.

Frankly i'm sick to death of the bloc and their never ending tripe and spittle, I wish they'd shut the you know what up and go back to holding protest marches and making white flags with the words we Surrender on them. I have no issue with an open debate on Canada's role in Afghanistan but the Bloc are out to freaking lunch with their belief that we should change the rules of engagement to Peacekeeping only. How in gods green earth are we suppose to do a Peace Keeping Mission while the country is trying to stabilize it's government? We can't it's assine and it insults the intellegance of every Canadian, their therory isn't plausable it's stupid. They'd rather our troops die with out proper protection, ROEs, under a Peace Keeping Mandate because it makes the Socialist feel all warm and fuzzy it doesn't matter that it would put our troops in harms way with out the tools to protect themselves-shameful. The bloc are using our troops and this Mission to gain votes and they should be ashamed of their hoeing ways. The worst part is the Tax Payers of Canada are funding these hoes, shameful tastards the lot of them.
Duceppe is quite right to question the direction the mission is going. While the invasion was justified, the 'reconstruction' has been completely bobbled. Not enough troops were committed, and funds for infrastructure rebuilding got funneled away for Iraq. Then the mission became intertwined with the so-called 'war on drugs'. Now NATO is destroying poppy fields which a great many people depend on for their livelihood. And we wonder why stability isn't flourishing.
As long as the Taliban continues to attack and terrorize those who oppose them, reconstruction is absolutely senseless.

Duceppe's thinking is that of someone trying to build schools in Stalingrad during the siege.

The logic or lack thereof is enigmatic or retarded or both

Without adequate guns, it's hard to get anything done...

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