News Corp cancels O.J. Simpson book, special

CBC News
The owners of Fox television and HarperCollins have cancelled a TV special and book in which O.J. Simpson speaks about the killing of his ex-wife, it was announced Monday.

Sounds good to me..
Anybody would have been a fool to watch the show or read the book, so this is good news!
The concept of the book and program was bizzare.

A part of me, however, is reminded that censorship is alive and well in our society but it's tucked into the more sanitzed-sounding department of 'moral outrage'. If large media corporations are the arbiters of good or bad taste is that a positive? It's not this particular O.J. story that's the issue but rather more subtle exclusion of stories that go against the grain.

There is also the hypocrisy of the media. The OJ trial received more coverage than the hundred other stories that had bigger impacts of the lives of people. As long as it brought in the ratings, it was front and center and helped advertisers sell cars and detergent. A media circus of literally hundreds of millions of dollars of adverstising revenue for the networks, newspapers, etc. Now spokesmen for those same outlets are crying 'outrage' and exploitation. CNN for months had hours of coverge each day of every bloody sock drop and throat wound but now complains?
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Anybody would have been a fool to watch the show or read the book, so this is good news!

Why? Why is anyone a fool for reading a book? I'd argue that people who read a controversial book are less the fool than the person who never opens the cover but has already judged it.

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