Mission accomplished: Cruise, Holmes tie the knot

CBC News
Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes exchanged vows at their wedding Saturday in a 15th-century castle north of Rome.

The Project Man
Who Gives A Rat"s ***!
I second that notion!
I always thought L. Ron Hubbard should have sold pots and pans.....a more honest endeavour

Here are the vows they take in their somewhat medieval "ceremony".... I wonder if they have to fake a Olde English accent....

The vows for a Scientology wedding are more than a tad strange. Quoting from the book “The Background Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion,” MSNBC reports that the minister asks a bride: (external - login to view)

And do you take
His fortune
At its prime and ebb
And seek
With him best fortune
For us all?
Do you?”

The minister then tells the groom:
Now, (Tom Cruise),
girls need clothes
And food and
Tender happiness and frills
A pan, a comb, perhaps a cat
All caprice if you will
But still
They need them.
Do you then
Do you?

Love the line: The fortune at his "prime" and "ebb" - little Tommy looks like he's headed for "ebb" soon.
He's a freak, I will go as far as saying he's freaking nuts. That young lady is in for the most unpleasant ride of her life, also her kids going to be very short.
I even saw some major networks covering this crap today. Does that reflect their 'intelligence' or ours? Guess I've got to go back to telling people at the checkout when they pick up a copy of US or People or the other social porn so many knuckleheads love: Put that down, put it down now or I'm going to give you a scene you'll remember for life!

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