Ignatieff blasts Harper's 'megaphone' diplomacy with China

CBC News
Liberal leadership contender Michael Ignatieff blasted Stephen Harper Thursday on his foreign policy toward China, criticizing him for engaging in "megaphone diplomacy."

Is this the same Michael Ignatieff who has raised a storm of division in the Liberal Party over his asssertion Quebec is a nation (and subsequently backpedalled)? The same leader aspirant the savvy, iconoclastic Norman Spector dismisses in the Nov. 13 issue of the Globe as a "gaffe-prone academic who's detached from Canada"?
Think so. Ignatieff has a reputation for shooting from the hip, both barrels blazing downward.
Please. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In China the blowhards are the first ones to fall when the arrows start to fly. The devil takes the hindmost.
Now that's a cryptic post.
Are you a fortune teller?
It means that due to his actions the chinese think the new pink guy from canada is a shell of a man who wouldn't be worth the time of day if it weren't for his position.
And they're right.

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