TSX tumbles on income trust reaction

CBC News
Market reaction to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's announcement of a new tax on income trusts was swift and heavy Wednesday as the SP/TSX Composite Index fell sharply.

I lost 6,000 dollars today and say F#CK to the Conservatives. F#CK. F#CK. I've voted Con or some earlier form of them all my life and won't vote for the F#CKERS again. Ba$tards will get punched in the face if they come to my door in the next election.
If they bring that shmuck who ran Nortel I'll meet you there.
Blame BCE !
The banks were also going to convert at least part of their businesses.

The loss in tax revenue to the government was approaching $800 billion after the Telus and BCE announcement.

I don't know why there should be tax a differential between a business that converts to a trust and a corporation anyways.

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