Environmentalist may run for Green Party Leadership

Veteran environmentalist pondering run for Green Party leadership

at 18:47 on April 14, 2006, EST.

OTTAWA (CP) - Elizabeth May, one of the country's best-known environmental activists, is pondering a run for leadership of the floundering Green Party of Canada.

Current leader Jim Harris hasn't said if he will run again in an automatic leadership vote at the party's August convention in Ottawa. There is speculation he may not stand given the party's disappointing results in the January election.

Despite having access to substantial federal funding for the first time, the party won no seats and achieved only a slight improvement in its share of the popular vote, to 4.5 per cent from 4.3 per cent in 2004.

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Why is the question?

It just drains support from the NDP that already has a good environmental platform and when it tried to go by its one-policy platform, because the environment is all its got, they failed miserably. Just give up. The 5-7% would do well to the NDP.
Well I voted Green, but I wish I could just vote on the issues.

My biggest complaint with the Greens is that they support population growth via immigration and economic growth which has been degrading Canada's environment.
Unfortunately all parties are pro-growth.
I don't believe in the Green Party. You can't base your party around the environment. There are much more important things to worry about.

The Green is a waste vote.
JonB2004 says:


I don't believe in the Green Party. You can't base your party around the environment. There are much more important things to worry about.

Maybe for you status-quo office rats there is.

Not for me! Environment is number 1.

Natural habitat in Canada declines in quality and quantity every year.

For that to change, we'd have to stop exporting lumber, minerals and diamonds and stop our own population from growing!

Unfortunately no party has that agenda.

But if they did it wouldn't work, because the public is not ready for it. The public is really unsophistocated.

They predominately only care about preserving their commercialized throw-away society.
Free Thinker
First, I think the Green party has a lame logo. A yellow sunflower? Is that a Cdn symbol of nature? I doubt it. The Green party needs a green logo because they are green. The word green has entered the language to mean ecology and caring for nature in new ways. If you say you are green for example, you could be a treehugger, and you might be from BC, like me.

The current Green party leader is a corporate guy who has no vision for his party, Canada, or the world. Ecological pressures on the Earth mean questioning unlimited corporate growth because that has an impact on the environment, and it's not always good. What the Cdn Green party is offering the Cdn voting public just isn't very appealing. There is some kind of paradigm shift going on here that does not seem to mean business as usual.

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