National Driver's License

Anyone think this is a good idea? With the US requiring the secureID cards, why not make a RFID type secure card nationally and use it in lieu of driver's licenses and birth certificates. I grabed the following text from a site I write for (url is in my profile - I won't link spam here)


With the USA requiring Canadians to have a passport or another similar form of "secureID" such as a plastic card brings up the point of using a national driver's license to function as both a driver's license and as ID for crossing the boarder. If various other countries agreed, it could also be used in lieu of a passport.
Issuance & Uses

The license would be a wallet sized plastic card the same size as all current licenses. The card would contain biometric data about the holder (iris scan, fingerprints etc) so the user would be able to use secure self serve machines at airports for faster service. The card could also be intergrated into various banking systems using an iris scan in lieu of a PIN allowing one card access to all of a person's services.
Issuance Of Document

As the document is a national license that permits operation of a car, a national road testing system would have to be placed. Current drivers would not be required to be re-tested. New drivers would follow a graduated licensing program that would involve 3-6 months of supervised driving and then a restricted license (no drugs/alcohol in body) for another 6-12 months.

if we were forward thinking enough, we would ask the US consulate what they would consider to be an acceptable document to enter the US. That way we could include the necessary info and security, and then eliminate the need for a passport into the US. We could as other countries as well. (UK and GERmany, ETC)
It isnt a Federal Juristiction.
The point being, why not have the provinces join forces and make it a national standard if only for the card.

Each province can have it's own rules for issuance of the card (road tests etc) but why not have one standard secure card format with one standard. Each province could customize the cards slightly (logos etc) but the security standards would be uniform across the country (I'm thinking of a contact chip on board for boarder crossings, RFID is a little too insecure for my liking)
the caracal kid
information on the card is a security risk.

How many people loose their licences every year? (i don't kno any stats offhand) Now imagine if personal data were encrypted on the card? Bad news!

Now as for issuance standards, i can see that. I am for the fed gov becoming the standards board of canada.
Ok, ok, one central DATABASE (each province has a database anyways which is tracked by a number on the magstripe)

Why not do without the magstripe (somewhat insecure) go for contact card technology (sort of like that gold chip on the front of my visa) which at least has some encryption possible (to encrypt the "database access number")
We must please keep in mind that in order for the Government of Canada to impose a "standard" (in relation to drivers' licenses) upon the Provinces, an amendment to the Constitution Acts would be required a daunting task, to say the least.

Furthermore, such cards could present a very serious security risk a lost card in the hands of a malicious stranger could result in unauthorized access to sensitive personal information, not to mention unabridged access to bank accounts and, furthermore, an increased chance of identity theft.

While I would be in favour of some sort of secure identification card system, I would not think that this would be the proper way to go about it.
the caracal kid
cards are becoming a thing of the past, anyway. if we have a secure central database, we don't need cards when we can use biometric scanning. (and for those frightened of having a finger hacked off by a "bad-guy" they now have biometric sensors that also detect if the digit is alive or not)

Say I lose my wallet, in it is...

Cash (~$10)
Driver's License
2x ATM Cards
BC CareCard (MediCare)
Aeroplan - ID's me for boarding passes at the airport
Boater ID
CanadaPost Discount
Staples Discount
Library x3
Out of province medical

What is the security risk in having a more secure card.

The Government can always introduce a national ID card. While it would be massive task to introduce such a card, having one card is a lot better than having a citizenship card, a driver's license.

The only reason I suggested the license is because most Canadians over the age of 16 carry one, it's the logical choice for a standardized card.

Many European nations employ a similar model, are they not more secure?
Why not create a card, specific to identifying the individual? Not a license of any sort, but rather, a pure, plain and simple identification card? Something like that, if you lost it, then someone could identify you, yes however, you wouldn't risk losing everything as a result of someone taking a trip to the local mall with your driver's license.
What is the difference between an ID card and a Driver's license in terms of what one can do with it. To make the ID card useful it would need to have the same information as a Driver's license.

People are going to carry both anyways, I fail to see the advantage of two cards over one.

I think you're confusing the payment portions. I'm not suggesting we make this a payment / bank card just a secure ID card.
the caracal kid
correct tawker, the BCID card is available for people without a driver's licence. There is no reason that these "cards" could not be amalgamated into one system, and those with a licence have the added info on the card.
The question is, do we turn it into a European style and put gun licenses, boat licenses, SIN (that one concerns me), CareCard all on one card.

Most people carry them together, if your wallet is stolen you're screwed anyways. It would be a lot less agencies to contact to get cards stopped and fixed.
The national Drv License idea brings up the Provincial VS Federal jusristiction debate.

Personally, I would like to see more things like this standardised nationally. Health care, for one. Its different between provinces and that can really mess some of us up when we move. It happened to me...

And yes, energy. Its a global problem now with Global Warming, we should at least get a national strategy going [for emissions, and for consuming and production of Fossil Fuels]. If we limited the amount of FFs produced, we would be cutting down on emissions and allowing/forcing new alternative fuels and energy sources into the marketplace.
Why not make Ottawa more like the EU, a standards body. Why not offer specific forms, like currency, licensing and military at a federal level while allowing provincial control over other items.

As for Medicare, It's crazy that I have to buy out of province insurance to travel to Alberta from BC. It's Canadian tax dollars paying for the services, you should be able to get Medicare anywhere in Canada!
the caracal kid
I agree with you taker. I am for the federal government being a standards board (for one part).

But what do you have to buy for medicare? I travel around CA on just my BC healthcare card and it is accepted in the other provinces.
Martin Le Acadien
I think its time to let you in on a little secret about the Driver's License, Car Plates, Traffic Regulations and Criminal Enforcement codes in Canada and the USA.

It seems that no one here to my surprise has mentioned the "COMPACT" which comprizes the 10 Provinces, 50 States and Various Territories of NORTH AMERICA. You see, we are ruled by a SUPER-NATIONAL organization in some of our affairs, mainly driving, criminal code and car registration whereas the States, Provinces and Territories have joined together to standardize thier Laws concerning such things as DRIVERS LICENSES, CAR REGISTRATION AND PLATES, along with Criminal
Code enforcement between the various jurisdictions. The National Federal Governments of Canada and the US have stepped aside for the most part and created the "COMPACT".

How does the Compact work you ask, well say I get a speeding Ticket in Nova Scotia and basically think since I am a DIRTY YANK why should I have to pay it once I leave Canada, well when I go to renew my drivers License in Louisiana, the long arm of the Nova Scotia Criminal system will just place a hold on my Licnese and I will not be able to renew it until Nova Scotia lifts the "WARRANT" for non payment. A Canadian who gets a ticket in Texas might be in for a surprize when he or she tries to renew in BC!!!! Forgot to paty a 407 ETF tag Bill, no problem, you will get a hickey in Louisiana fast than if you forgot send you significant other an anniversary card!!! My Daughter used my car on the 407 and I got a Nasty Gram for the Louisiana Department of Corrections and Public Safety (Yes Driver's Licenses and Prisons are run by the same folks In Louisiana). I sent the cheque RIGHt-A-WAY!!!!!

Ever notice how Car Plates from each State/Province/Territory kinda looked the same? Well the Compact Agreeement sets out how plates and Cars/Trucks are to registered, tracked and TAXED to some degree!!!!! Makes it easy for the North American Police Force to keep track of Plates.

The RCMP/OPP/FBI and God Knows who else have access to the North American Database on Cars, Trucks, Criminal Records, Gun Permits, Commissions and no telling what else so when you pull up to the window at US CUSTOMS/REVENUE CANADA, they can type in your name and they can get a match!

Be careful about asking for a National ID Card, we might TATTO'ed next with an implantable RFID chip if the Compact get so thinking!!!!!

Canada and USA are only Federal Jurisdictions set up to deliver the mail, Print Money, buy solders uniforms and keep the States and Provinces from going at one another, the real power lies in the COMPACT!!!!
the caracal kid

strangely enough, getting a speeding ticket out of province does not make it back home though. However, the province where the ticket occured keeps a record and should you transfer your licence and insurance there, you get the old ticket appended to your "new" record.

That 407 highway toll system is bizzare onto itself. The company that runs it didn't used to have so much power. It used to be if you were out of province they couldn't get you, but now supposedly they can.
Martin Le Acadien
Quote: Originally Posted by the caracal kid


strangely enough, getting a speeding ticket out of province does not make it back home though. However, the province where the ticket occured keeps a record and should you transfer your licence and insurance there, you get the old ticket appended to your "new" record.

That 407 highway toll system is bizzare onto itself. The company that runs it didn't used to have so much power. It used to be if you were out of province they couldn't get you, but now supposedly they can.

As long as you pay the Ticket, it may or may not follow you, but don't PAY it and the Compact comes into play!!! The Compact between the Provinces/States is a strange deal indeed. Don't believe that something might not follow you home, get a DWI/DUI and see how long that sucker lives on your record. (Like until 10 minutes after death!!)

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