Canada is it left-wing, right-wing or centralist country

View Poll Results: What is Canada's society make-up
Left-wing 10 32.26%
Right-Wing 3 9.68%
Centralist 13 41.94%
A dabble of everything. 5 16.13%
Voters: 31. You may not vote on this poll

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That's one way to put it .

I wonder if he will tell us what he really thinks of trudOWE?
Maybe we will get a clearer picture of Canada's position in 2019. Could our polls possibly get it as wrong as the UK and the US? A few EU countries are going to the polls in 2017; France April 2017; Germany Sept 2017; Luxembourg Oct. 2017; Netherlands this month; Norway, Sept 2017.... it might be interesting to see where they land.

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