Ontario Delivers Balanced Budget

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At this stage, it's Patrick Brown's race to win or lose.

Well, we all know how that's going to turn out.

Hmmmm, I guess it's really not that funny considering the alternatives are utter sh*t as well.

Seriously, I'd rather take a chance trying to snag diamonds from a spinning blender with my bare hands than vote for what's in the pipe for the coming election.

I will say this and only this in defense of Brown. He didn't flip-flop on the carbon tax thing. Anyone who's been paying attention should understand that if Ontario doesn't have its own carbon tax scam...I mean scheme in place, the little dicktator will impose one on us anyway. And between the two options if those are my only ones, I'd rather pay it provincially. At least there's some chance it'll stay within the province instead of going to the dickweed in Ottawa to piss away on foreign countries while ignoring Canada's real problems.
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On behalf of my client, Ann Coulter, I demand that you immediately cease and desist from from derogatory, degrading, defamatory, and. . . umm. . . defenestrating comparisons of her to a swivel-eyed Twue Bewiever.

Only if you introduce and secure me a meeting with her agent.
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