Poll confirms Canadians unmoved by media spin on “fake” refugees

Have you heard that even a "super-majority" of Liberal and NDP voters want security at the border dealt with over helping fake refugees enter the country?

Probably not, doesn't fit the narrative.

A new poll confirms Canadians see a real security risk at the border, and it doesn’t matter how many stories the media and political elites (external - login to view) trot out portraying those crossing the Canada-US border illegally as people escaping the nastiness of Donald Trump (external - login to view).

They’re also pushing out media story after media story (external - login to view) suggesting anyone that wants to crack down on illegal border crossings is some kind of racist, anti-immigrant xenophobe.

Despite all of this, Canadians do see a risk at the border and want more resources going to securing the border than helping those fleeing America claiming to be refugees.

The results will surprise many, but consider news of the Sweden attack just last week that killed four and injured several more which police now believe was carried out by a failed asylum seeker.

Or the Berlin Christmas Market attack (external - login to view). The man that drove the truck that killed 11 pedestrians was a failed asylum seeker from Tunisia.

There are more but let’s just look at the most recent - the bomb scare in Norway. A bomb was placed near a busy subway system but was defused before it could go off. The culprit was a 17 year-old asylum seeker.

When Trudeau began his refugee push, I called for tough vetting of anyone wanting to come here from Syria, an area filled with real refugees fleeing war but also war lords and war criminals fleeing persecution. There are terrorists and terrorist sympathizers everywhere.

Time will tell if the tough vetting we did was enough but I hope so for all of our sakes.

For months now, we’ve been seeing people just walking across the border (external - login to view) and Canadians are not ok with this. Rightly, they see this as a security risk.

Pundits, political and media establishment will not like the results of this poll and may be shocked, but I’m not.

Canadians support a generous immigration and refugee system if it follows Canadian rules and Canadian laws, doesn’t allow queue jumping and if Canada’s security is protected.

None of those conditions are met right now with this influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border at non-border crossings and just yelling refugee. I’m sorry, the US is not creating refugees, it accepts them, even under Donald Trump.

The government needs to act on this and toughen up border security - even the majority of their voters and left wing NDP voters agree with that.

If you agree with that assessment and you have not yet signed our petition at www.NoIllegals.ca (external - login to view), then I encourage you to do so.

Activists want less border security and are pressuring the government to do less, not more but if you stand with the majority of Canadians and for common sense then please sign the petition at www.NoIllegals.ca (external - login to view) - sign now.

https://www.therebel.media/poll_conf...ure_the_border (external - login to view)
Makes sense. We tend to fear the unknown, and wish to protect our families and possessions. With all the world's problems coming primarily from a single group of people, Canadians are uneasy.
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