What should Canada give up in new NAFTA

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Give up the US. Why go down with a sinking ship? Anybody who thinks Trump is going to make anybody but his billionaire friends great again are delusional.
He isn't Illuminaughty.
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Well there won't be an African American Harriet Tubman on the $20 anymore.. Trump signs Executive Orders passing legislation this week to put his face on the $20.

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"In Don we trust"
Trump’s trade pick urged by U.S. Senate to get tough with Canada

“I agree with President Trump that we should have an ‘America First’ trade policy.”

In a possible preview of upcoming NAFTA negotiations, U.S. lawmakers Tuesday urged a get-tough approach with Canada in several areas, including the supply-management systems that limit imports of poultry and dairy.

Lawmakers who will be involved in the negotiating process made clear at a confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s trade czar that they envision more substantive changes than the minor “tweaking” the president recently spoke of regarding Canada.

Senators from both parties pressed trade nominee Robert Lighthizer on softwood lumber, intellectual-property protection and, with respect to the NAFTA negotiations, for freer trade in dairy and poultry.

What was notable about Tuesday’s event was that it was a rare public exchange between actors with a legal role in trade negotiations: American law says the U.S. trade representative must consult the Senate finance committee — before, during, and after trade talks.

Getting rid of supply management would help the poorest Canadians. That ought to be a no-brainer.

Canada should not retaliate against US softwood tariffs or quotas. It helps to protect our lumber anyway.

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