Imam greets Syrian refugees with prayer: O Allah, destroy the enemies of Islam

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Some folk can read their bush hit from the alphabet
Oh my, there IS the trouble....LIE-beral always INSIST that security "arrangements" WERE in place in Syrian refugee camps as people were selected to come to Canada-Cdn officials even sat in on some of the interviews......of course Cdn staffers dont necessarily speak Arabic fluently and may have had to rely on interpreters to understand what was going on. Nor do we know if Lebanese officials coached unwanted Syrian refugees in their answers to the few Cdn officials who asked them questions.

To make it absurdly re-assuring for Cdns-LIE-berals told us the security arrangments for Syrians were arranged by Red Crescent officials-the Muslim equivalent of our Red Cross. LIE-berals neglected to say the Lebanese Red Crescent gang know nothing more about the Syrian foreigners who have showed up at their borders than we Cdns do!

LIE-berals also neglected to mention that the vetting of Syrians was done largely by Lebanese-who-as good Muslims aint too happy with the western world anyway- and they did the security work under the guidance of swine from Hezzbollah and Hamas-two organizations dominant both politically and militarily in Lebanon and in various places around the Middle East and BOTH designated as TERROR GROUPS! So looking to them for help is rather like asking Nazis to recommend good citizens! All we can be certain of-and let me quote a news article here: "the Syrian refugees selected to come to Canada have not commited any crimes nor made any troubles-to the knowledge of Red Crescent officials". Of course what they may have done BEFORE getting to the refugee camp is open to question-with NO answers! Bloody handed Syrian dictator Assad is not commenting on the refugee situation he has created!

LIE-beral lust for more purchased voters is greater than their concern for Cdn security! LIE-berals have no clue and less concern for what manner of people they have allowed in here! All that matters is that they vote LIE-beral!

Nor do LIE-berals have any clue how much it will cost us in security personel to keep an eye on potential budding Jihadists for several generations. Its worth pointing out that most of those active in the various shootings in California and in Europe were either long time residents and actual citizens or had been BORN in the countries they ultimately attacked in the name of Allah-peace and blessings upon him-all others can go straight to infidel Hell! Neither do LIE-berals care what the social welfare costs will be in bringing a pack of people who dont have Cdn level education or work experience; cannot speak either official language; and have with them a pile of kids they cannot afford to feed, dress, house or provide dental care for since Syrian parents are nearly un-employable in our debt damaged economy with real wages falling and jobs fading away even as LIE-berals hand out ever more gravy to civil service Hogs.

LIE-berals offer the added bonus that our already rationed and over burdened medical system has just been handed a new pile of problems with troubled Syrians . And wasnt that poor kid Sammy Yatim from the Middle East some place? Dont we have enough home grown schizophrenics roaming un treated on our streets without importing more?

The Toronto Red Star newspaper told us a year or two ago that a typical defence lawyer usually billed at least half a million dollars for a typical trial and naturally the prosecution will need at least as much money-though the cost of judge and court officers and police investigation will be a separate cost! What is the true price of LIE-beral immigration messes when the full cost of judges and trials and jail time and welfare for dependent children and such is added up?

Think of Anthony and Marcia Dooley and their dead son Randall-beaten to death by his not so loving parents-smashed in the face so often that the autopsy found broken pieces of his teeth in his stomach. And mother Marcia was under investigation for welfare fraud when arrested for murder. And Anthony was a convicted felon-a drug dealer arrested and jailed and deported from United States befor showing up here and killing his son. Do the math here-roughly a hundred grand for welfare fraud and a second hundred grand for immigration courts and such, add another fifty grand for schooling for two kids for a couple of years, at least two million for a trial that put TWO CHILD KILLERS in protective custody at $150 grand EACH per year for the next twenty five years-and once they get out we will pay to ship them back to the Carribean Island they came from!

Or Mohammed Shafia-the Eygyption born boob who came here with TWO WIVES and two daughters and a son-and decided to make his second wife and knucklehead son help him murder his first wife and 2 daughters because they were acting too much like lewd and ****ty Cdn women! So we have THREE murderers on trial and then all three in jail at $150 grand EACH per year-with son getting out in 10 years and the other two staying in the crowbar hotel for 25 years! What price LIE-beral charity to immigrants now?

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The 'promise' I read was that they would be women and children rather than single men of fighter age. I doubt many of the 'tests' are available at the refugee centers.

Sounds like a big old wh#re to me. A true harlot, but with an insatiable need for hatred and bigotry vs sex.
The only ones that have to be afraid are the ones that started the wars back in their Native land.
Who in all of America would be worried that there should be refugees in the first place? (or cheered in some fashion that millions dies and many more than that lost their homes.)

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Some folk can read their bush hit from the alphabet

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